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Fantasy Free-Kick: Final-Kick

And the referee blows the final whistle and the season is won on the final free-kick of the season. Congratulations!

BWP helped a lot of fantasy owners this season.
BWP helped a lot of fantasy owners this season.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Danny Cunha’s Strikeforce for being the last weekly winner in the WTR fantasy league, with 79 points in the final round. Led by Mr. Golden boot himself, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Strikeforce climbed to the top. Strong performances from Lee Nguyen, Pedro Morales and David Ousted also contributed his total. Strikeforce was held back by a couple of high priced midfielders and on Red. A combined score of three points from the “LegenD” Landon Donovan, Diego Valeri and Nick Hagglund kept Strikeforce from challenging for top overall score.

In what was a see-saw battle in the final months it was Fish and Chips FC that took advantage of a poor showing from Canadian Bacons final round. The 64 points scored by Ian Kane’s squad was enough to pip the title. Like Strikeforce, Fish and Chips FC had BWP, Oba, Nguyen, Morales and Donovan score well for them. Eights from Bobby Shuttleworth and Erick Torres (captained) also contributed to his success.

The lesson everyone should take away from this fantasy season? Name you team after some kind of food. Canadian Bacons was on top of the table for much of the year and Fish and Chips FC is the Champion. Next year look out for Swiss Cheese FC or FC Gravy Train, they surely will contend.

Thanks to everyone for playing.

Here is how the top 10 finished.

round 33 standings