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Toronto FC Season Ending Press Conference: Live Thread

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Follow along as Toronto FC Players and Management explain exactly what went wrong in a season where there was so much promise, and so many promises made.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC End of Season Presser
12PM-2PM Eastern

It's the spookiest time of year for Toronto FC players. No, not Halloween, but rather when they have to face the media head on in the season ending press conference. After ducking interviews all year, they will get their say on what exactly took place to bloody this big deal. Whether or not anything of substance comes out of this press conference remains to be seen. The media training staff will likely have the players well prepared for the types of questions they will face. But they still have to face them, and keep their composure about questions avoided all season.

There will be two press conferences. Today it is all of the players who get their opportunity to reveal all. Tomorrow is probably the more intriguing of the two as Greg Vanney and Tim Bezbatchenko will be answering long awaited questions. Waking The Red will be at both events, so you can follow along @mitchrtierney today and @grawsee tomorrow as we bring you up to date reaction and news. This is Toronto FC after all, so if we get through this presser without as much as a single piece of major news it might be the franchise's biggest win of the year.

Below, we invite you to join in the discussion as you watch the live press conference and hear scoops and otherwise that will undoubtedly turn up on twitter. You can find the stream at the link posted above.