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2014 MLS Goals and Saves of the Year: Gilberto, Bendik and Cesar Nominated.

Watch and vote for the Major League Soccer goal and save of the year. Gilberto was able to get his name on the goal of the year list, and missed about 5 other opportunities to have more throughout the season. Joe Bendik has a pretty solid chance at save of the year, and Julio Cesar has been nominated as well.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of indicators of how far Major League Soccer has come as a whole: stadiums, fan following and the players that have been attracted to come overseas. But one aspect that never ceases to increase annually is the impressive amount of quality goals and saves that emerge. Back in the day these highlights were largely players of lesser quality getting lucky and hitting a ridiculous shot. This year, a ton of them are excellent team goals constructed by several talented players, and not just one.

Sadly, in terms of Toronto FC, these highlights tend to happen against them for the most part. But this year three Toronto FC players, one former, have been nominated. Joe Bendik and Julio Cesar have both earned nominations for MLS save of the year, and there is a decent chance one of them could win. Gilberto has less of a chance to win goal of the year, but could nonetheless. It would be a pretty insignificant honour in terms of all that was promised this year by the club, but it would still be nice.

Below are links to voting, and all of the nominees for MLS goal of the year, save of the year, as well as Bendik and Cesar's highlights and, why not, all the goals of the year scored against Toronto. Some of the voting has already closed, but these links will keep you up to date on the results of the voting bracket:

2014 MLS Save of the Year:


Week 7- Julio Cesar's save against FC Dallas

Week 27- Joe Bendik's triple save against Chicago Fire

2014 MLS Goal of the Year:


Gilberto's Goal versus Sporting Kansas City: