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LA Galaxy vs Toronto FC: Game Thread.

Follow along as TFC go up against the juggernaut that is the Galaxy. Should be fun.

Hagglund. Goal machine.  Can he keep it up?
Hagglund. Goal machine. Can he keep it up?
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

LA Galaxy vs Toronto FC
Home Depot Centre, 10:30 PM Eastern

This could be a weird one tonight. Really, it doesn't count all that much. TFC did what they had to do and got the 2 wins at home, bumping themselves up to 40 points and very much in the playoff race. Points here would be nice, but really would just be a bonus. No-one really is expecting them to pick up points here, and really it's ok if they don't. The upcoming games against Houston and New York are a) much more likely options for getting points, and b) much more important given that picking up points will also take them away from rivals. Who outside of Seattle really cares if the Galaxy have 3 more points after tonight, that doesn't affect Toronto in the slightest.  Given results already this week, even with a loss TFC will still be in 6th place, if New England can lose against Columbus, they could still be just 2 points out of that 5th spot. If they'd dropped points against Chivas or Portland then there's be some urgency to make up those points in this game, but as they didn't, well there's a no harm no foul kind of feeling to this one.

It seems like Greg Vanney feels the same way, as Gilberto is being rested for this game. Not due to injuries, if he had to play he could, but for the purposes of rest, he's an important player who's played a lot recently and with 2 big games coming up, it was decided to rest him for those, he didn't even make the trip out to the West coast.  It should be very interesting to see that starting lineup, to see if Vanney goes with a full strength team from those he has available or not. Will this be treated like a Voyageurs Cup game, a bit of a B team put out there, if they win, great, if not oh well, but either way the main thing is that some of the first team get some valuable rest? I guess with Gilberto out, it's already kind of that way, but how far will he take it?

The other big thing to look out for is the return of Jermain Defoe, very much in LA, expected to be part of the 18, though not starting. If TFC can keep things tight and have a chance to get a result late on, bringing on Defoe isn't the worst thing for an MLS team to be able to do. If he can play and be fine and show he's fit enough to be more than just an option off the bench, and show that he's motivated to do well and have an impact, well I don't really care if it just a case of putting himself in the shop window for desperate english clubs in the January window, let's get what we can out of him.

For further reading and or listening on the game, check out our storystream for all the usual preview and podcast stuff. We'll have team news when it hits twitter and commentary and chat throughout the game. Join us then as we presumably shrug our way to defeat, it'll be fun.