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Toronto FC Top 30 Countdown: #22 Warren Creavalle

Warren Creavalle's role as an all-purpose bandaid for Toronto FC late in the season may have earned him another year in Toronto, and also the 22 spot on Waking The Red's Top 30 Countdown.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

In their attempt to claim a first ever playoff berth, Toronto FC made several moves throughout the year. As the injuries piled up throughout the season the team needed several band aids in order to at least attempt to stop the bleeding that let all of the blood out of the big deal.

The last of those acquisitions was Warren Creavalle, who was brought in to try and help a backline that had become far too easy to break down after Steven Caldwell, Mark Bloom and even Justin Morrow for a stretch, went down to injuries. Creavalle's acquisition came shortly after Toronto FC had defeated his Houston Dynamo, but he had clearly impressed the Toronto staff in that game and beyond. Headed to other way in the deal was the rights to acquire US international DaMarcus Beasley.

The 24 year old seemed like a decent fit, depth for both the centre of midfield and at the back. At that point in the season he had the potential to be exactly the type of player the team needed to transition them through a rough patch of form that ultimately contributed greatly to missing the playoffs. Instead, like his teammates he got injured quite quickly after joining the club.

Eventually, he did find his way onto the field for an extended stretch near the end of the season as coach Greg Vanney really appeared to rate him as a player. In all he played 10 matches for Toronto FC, starting 7 of them. This came after he had played 16 games, and started 10, for the Houston Dynamo. In that time he managed a single goal, which came for Toronto.

His goal turned out to be more of a punchline to an awful joke than anything. It was a well taken effort after a good bit of skill from Jackson took a deflection in the box. Creavalle showed real composure to be able to curl the wayward ball into the back of the net. It even got a nomination for goal of the week.

But in a horrid 1-1 draw that eliminated Toronto FC it largely became an afterthought to the otherwise bleak narrative for the team. In many ways that described Creavalle: an afterthought in a story of woe that was more inclined to feature more attractive protagonists. He did get a few mentions here and there, but they were hardly positive.

This was slightly unfair to Creavalle, who demonstrated with Toronto that he could actually be a useful piece with this team if he does stick around. He is a player who can wear a lot of hats and does a serviceable job in every one of them. He shouldn't be a starting defender for this team going forward, but can fill gaps when they present themselves. He can play in the centre of midfield, something that is always useful even with the depth currently in the system. Creavalle also played the Montreal game on the wing and it was easily his best in a Toronto FC kit.

As for whether or not he will remain with the team, it seems pretty likely. He was a Bezbatchenko acquisition, and Vanney also gave him a vote of confidence in playing time. The most likely scenario for his departure, if it happens, would be the upcoming Expansion Draft. One of Orlando or New York City could look at the same attributes of Creavalle as mentioned above and decide that he could really help their future.

Since coming to Toronto FC, Warren Creavalle hasn't proven to be particularly solid at any one position. But in demonstrating that he is capable of at the very least not looking out of place in several roles he may have earned himself a spot on this team for at least another year.