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2014 Expansion Draft Live Thread

Orlando City SC and New York City FC will craft their identity just a little bit more today, as they each select 10 players in the MLS Expansion Draft.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Expansion Draft

2:00 PM Eastern Time


The protected lists have been released, the mock drafts conducted, now the only event left in MLS Expansion Draft season is the draft itself. The draft will take place at 2 PM East and will see both New York City FC and Orlando City SC select 10 unprotected players from the rest of the league. In the process they will give a good indication of what sort of team they will be fielding next season.

The rules of the expansion draft are as follows:

  • Each team will be allowed three minutes to make a selection. If a team fails to make a selection in that time they must wait until their next pick.
  • If an unprotected player is drafted, that player's old club is allowed 2 minutes to subsequently protect a new player. If they fail to do so in that time they lose this opportunity.
  • The draft will have 10 rounds, with each team getting a selection. No timeouts are allowed during the draft.
  • No trades can be made during the expansion draft preview.
Just as a reminder, these are the players that Toronto FC have left unprotected: Jackson, Dominic Oduro, Mark Bloom, Steven Caldwell, Chris Konopka and Daniel Lovitz. Any of these players can be selected by New York or Orlando. The list of other unprotected players around the league can be found by clicking here.

In terms of who is likely to be selected from Toronto FC, Mark Bloom is clearly at the top of that list. There have been whispers throughout the season that Bloom could be heading to Orlando. He could just as well be selected by New York, however, as he is a young player on the cheap with plenty of upside. There is little doubt wherever he ends up that he will continue to be successful.

The MLS Expansion mock draft also had Bright Dike being selected. While this is a less likely scenario he is probably the second most attractive Toronto FC player in the draft. Sure, he is coming off injury but he is still an ideal striker to have in this league and therefore may be picked. He fell out of favour in Toronto but still has the cache of having a place at the World Cup if he did not get injured.

Steven Caldwell is also on the list but will probably be the first to be protected after/if Mark Bloom is selected. He is also less attractive to clubs because of his age and salary. It was still surprising that Toronto FC didn't protect their captain out of respect. 

Stay up to date in the comments section with live reaction to the draft. Watch the stream above for audio of each pick as they happen. After the draft Waking The Red will have full analysis.