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Toronto FC Pass in Waiver Draft, Looking to Trade

As the MLS day of drafting continues, Toronto FC have decided to pass on their only pick of the day, which was 6th in the Waiver Draft. They aren't done for the day however, as several reports indicate they may still be active in the trade market.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The busy day of drafting in MLS continued with the less publicized, and more confusing, event on the card. This would be the Waiver Draft, which stands in complete contrast to the Expansion Draft completed earlier today. For one, it was done behind closed doors and therefore limited information was available during, or after the draft. Slowly but surely it trickled out that the majority of teams had passed, as expected. Toronto was among this group, although it has yet to announce this fact officially.

To begin with, a quick explanation of who is eligible for the Waiver Draft over the Re-entry Draft. If players are the exception to all three of these rules, they are eligible for the Waiver Draft:

  • Players who are at least 23 years old who have spent a minimum of three years in MLS, and who did not have their options picked up by their club.
  • Players who are at least 25 years old who have spent a minimum of four years in MLS and did not have their options picked up by their club.
  • Players who are at least 30 years old who have spent a minimum of eight years in MLS and did not have their options picked up by their club.

The only player available in the draft from Toronto FC was Bradley Orr, who falls into the final category but has only one year of MLS experience. Selecting Orr would likely only mean ownership of his MLS rights however, as he has since returned to Blackburn Rovers, the club which loaned him to Toronto FC. As a result he was not selected.

The field of players who were exceptions to the above rules were not very deep and therefore it is hardly surprising that Toronto did not make a selection. The notable players on the list other than Orr were Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Gale Agbossoumonde, Kyle Porter and Fifa Baiden.

As previously mentioned, details of the draft have been sparing to say the least so there is no confirmation on who has, and hasn't been selected. However, it has been confirmed that Nigel Reo-Coker was selected by the Montreal Impact with the first overall pick. The Colorado Rapids selected Bobby Burling with the third overall pick. It seems like all Chivas USA players not selected in the Dispersal Draft were available, as Burling certainly wasn't eligible considering the criteria above. It has also been confirmed that the San Jose Earthquakes selected Leandro Barrera with the second overall pick.

Toronto's Day Not Over Yet

While the drafting is done, it doesn't appear that Toronto's day is over just yet. The trade window is once again opened and there is talk that Toronto will be heavily involved.

Toronto missed out on a couple of high profile players earlier in the trade window and may now be looking to rectify those mistakes. With Nat Borchers and Aurelien Collin out of the equation, there are no indications as to which players the club might be pursuing. The pattern, however, indicates that it will likely be a centreback.