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Want to run Toronto FC?

If given the task of running Toronto FC, could you lead them to glory?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Since this season was hyped up to be the greatest season in Toronto FC's short history, expectations were at an all time high. However the team failed to meet those expectations despite starting the season on a tear. TFC fans have been struggling to see this team succeed after countless promises that, "this will be our year"

Who's to blame for this? The manager, the players, the executives? I decided to try some simulation and see what is going on with this team.  I turned to the computer football simulation game called Football Manager 2015 and wanted to see if I could run TFC better than any coach could.  Now no offence to Greg Vanney who showed he could handle the team when they seemed out of ideas. But he took over when the team was on a spiral downhill.

With Football Manager, you can run a team with real life players, coaches, leagues, tournaments etc.  You can even run both national and club teams at the same time.  Since the MLS is a different league than the English Premier League for example, you have to deal with salary cap issues and the daunting task that well known players will not join your club. Not even young players who have potential to be great and don't play any first team minutes want to be in the MLS.  However there are players who will join. You also have to deal with three DP slots available and however the amount of international players a team has (teams can have more than others)

It is really an in depth game that allows you to run any team from the Bulgarian third division to the EPL. just wanted to ask you guys this, if you could run Toronto FC, could you bring them to glory? I want you all to be a part of the club and let me know what to do to finally see this team in the playoffs.

I want people to write in the comments below:

What formation should we use?

Who should be kicked out and who should be brought in?

Captain and Assistant Captain?

What type of philosophy should the team use? (Sign younger players to play in the first team, bring in more Canadians, more attacking or more defensive, and more about possession)

I will then tally up which option gets the most mentioned and put that into the game.  Let me know how the newly equipped TFC should look and i'll post a summary once a week to show how the team does and if changes need to be made.