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Toronto FC Expansion Draft Preview and Predictions

The Expansion draft isn't until December 10, but here is a look at the SB Nation Mock Expansion draft. This includes who Waking The Red protected, and who Hudson River Blue (NYCFC) and The Mane Land (Orlando City) selected.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Of the multitude of drafts that will be conducted this offseason, perhaps the most intriguing is the Expansion Draft which is set to take place on December 10. The festivities for this draft, however, get underway on the 8th when teams release their list of protected and unprotected players. This process will give an interesting look into the direction each team is planning to take with their roster.

For Toronto, there will be several intriguing storylines on the day and leading up to the draft itself. Earlier this week, the announcement that Dwayne De Rosario had his option declined by Toronto FC which was the first real glimpse into the direction of the roster for 2015. Given 11 protected player slots, it will essentially determine which players are considered to be part of the club's core.

Below is a preview of who I believed Toronto FC would protect and who they would make available to Orlando and New York City. Evidently, considering developments, it seems only logical that De Rosario goes unprotected which likely means Kyle Bekker makes his way onto the protected list. This was probably always going to be the case.

After making these selections, Hudson River Blue and The Mane Land, SB Nation's newest MLS blogs, were given the chance to select for New York City FC and Orlando City SC respectively. They did not select any Toronto FC players, which is not all that surprising considering some of the other players that were made available.

Here are the results of the draft, more on the thinking behind these selections can be read here.

1. New York City FC -- Péguy Luyindula (NYRB)

2. Orlando City -- Teal Bunbury (NE)

2. NYCFC -- Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi (from SJE)

3. Orlando City -- Davy Arnaud (DCU)

3. NYCFC -- Dylan Remick (from SEA)

4. Orlando City -- Andy Gruenebaum (SKC)

4. NYCFC -- Benji Joya (from CHI)

5. Orlando City -- Eddie Johnson (DCU)

5. NYCFC -- Chris Seitz (from DAL)

6. Orlando City -- Brian Carroll (Philadelphia)

6. NYCFC -- Devon Sandoval (from RSL)

7. Orlando City -- David Horst (Houston)

7. NYCFC -- Chance Myers (from SKC)

8. Orlando City -- Marvell Wynne (Colorado)

8. NYCFC -- Danny Cruz (from PHI)

9. Orlando City -- Danny O'Rourke (Portland)

9. NYCFC -- Patrick Mullins (from NER)

10. Orlando City -- Eric Gehrig (Columbus)

10. NYCFC -- Servando Carrasco (from HOU)