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Julio Cesar announcement - Live Thread

The hits just keep on coming. Just how did we pull this one off? Let's find out.

Red, and loving it.
Red, and loving it.
Ronald Martinez

First up, in the spirit of Valentine's day, a poem.


TFC are Red
Philly are Blue :(
Yeah we got Bradley, and Defoe and Julio Cesar now as well
So fuck all of you

Love, TFC

Secondly, some music for your listening pleasure

"It's against the law
It was against the law
What the mama saw
It was against the law"

So, 3 DP's already (well 4 actually, but we're working on that, promise) and here we are signing up Julio Cesar, only the goalie for bloody Brazil, and on a huge wage over in England. How the hell does that fit in MLS' laws?

Well we'll never fully find out of course, so best to go with the idea of Tim whispering sweet nothings into Don's ear and Don just not being able to resist his charms. We'll eventually see what ridiculously small amount of that wage is being covered by TFC (or at least what amount we're admitting to in public) when the Union puts the numbers out in a few months, but there might be the odd detail released here, personally I'm hoping for some kind of new rule that once again changes the game and leaves all the other teams feeling cheated.

At the very least we should find out how long the loan is for, whether it's just to the World Cup as most people seem to think or if it's longer than that for some reason.

The press conference will be live on and also on Gol TV (cos what the hell else are they going to fill time with?) at 1pm. Just how smug will Nelly and the Tims look? Will Cesar smile as he holds up the jersey? What number will he choose? Will Ryan Richter be robbed of his 33, or Bendik of his 12, or will he do the decent thing and snatch number 1 from Chris Konopka?

All these questions and maybe more will be answered so join us for updates and the usual nonsense in the comments section.