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Jermain Defoe in Toronto ahead of transfer from Spurs

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While Jermain Defoe is not scheduled to complete his transfer from Tottenham to Toronto FC until February 28th he attended a concert in Toronto on Friday night with some of his new teammates.

Shaun Botterill

Toronto FC are heading down to Florida for the Walt Disney Pro Soccer Classic on Saturday but before that some of the players spent their Friday night out on the town.  Some of TFC's players were at the Justin Timberlake concert at the Air Canada Centre on Friday night and one member of the group comes as some surprise.

Jermain Defoe will officially seal his transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Toronto FC on February 28th but it appears that he has arrived in Toronto early.  It may just be for a brief visit though as he sets up to make the permanent move later this month.

Defoe could still feature for Spurs three more times as the club has a pair of Europa League games against Dnipro on the 20th and 27th as well as a Premier League game against Norwich on the 23rd.  With a decent break before their next game it is possible that Defoe decided to take advantage of that time to continue working to settle in to his new home in Toronto since his last visit included a very busy schedule.

It would be nice to have Defoe with the team a few weeks early so that he could train with them in Orlando but that seems unlikely considering that he has been a major contributor for Spurs in the Europa League this season.  Seven of his eight goals on the year have come in Europe and there is a good chance that he will get a shot to add to that total in the two legs against Dnipro.

Even if Defoe is not arriving early it is good to see him getting the chance to settle in to Toronto and bond with his teammates.  By not taking part in the full training camp he is missing out on a lot of the time that helps to bring a team together so doing things like going to JT concerts with his new teammates can help to make up for some of that lost time.

Of course, watching JT shows together is not really going to make TFC a better team but it is nice to see them getting along off the pitch.

With Julio Cesar officially joining on loan and Jackson and Gilberto getting all their paper work in order the only one now missing from camp is Defoe.  If he does join the club following the Spurs game on the 27th he could potentially be in Florida in time for the Championship or Consolation game at the Mickey Mouse club as they are scheduled for March 1st.  It also gives him just over two weeks to get settled in and familiarized with his teammates before the opener against the Seattle Sounders on the 15th.