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Toronto FC post first two episodes of All For One

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Toronto FC are once again taking fans behind the scenes of the club with their All for One series of mini-documentaries. The first two episodes are now available on the club's YouTube page for fans to watch.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC have posted the first two episodes of All for One on YouTube.  For those not familiar with the series this is the second time that they have done it and it provides a bit of an inside look at the club.  The first two episodes are now available online giving fans a look behind the scenes of the big signings of Dwayne De Rosario, Gilberto, Jermain Defoe, and Michael Bradley.  Episode two takes you behind the scenes at the draft and then down to IMG Academy for a look at the start of training camp.

The first two episodes are fantastic and certainly worth watching for fans of the club.  I was around for a number of the events in Episode One and watching it still caused some chills to run down my spine.  The scenes shot at Real Sports remind me of just how exciting it was to be there on the day that Defoe and Bradley were unveiled.  It was something special and since most fans were not able to attend watching this episode is the closest many will come to experiencing what that day was like.

Episode two is a bit less dramatic as it focuses more on the day to day activities of being an MLS club.  It is fun to see just how excited Nick Hagglund is to be drafted and arrive in Toronto.  You also get to meet Jeremy Hall's mom and see his old bedroom which is quite unique and then there is the bowling scene with some of the more amusing players on the team.

Hopefully you enjoy the first two episodes and there is more to come.