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Toronto FC vs Orlando City: Game Thread.

Can TFC silence the alarm bells by seeing off their lower division hosts? Join us here as we find out.

Osorio gets his first TFC goal in the corresponding fixture last year.
Osorio gets his first TFC goal in the corresponding fixture last year.
Al Messerschmidt

Toronto FC vs Orlando City
Orlando, 8pm Eastern
Stream at

So, Julio Cesar is letting in 3 goals per game, and the only player who's scored a goal so far this pre season is injured. What kind of bloody big deal is this?

Of course it is just pre season, best to get this sort of thing out of the way early and, as Ryan Nelsen pointed out, good to find out what needs to be worked on in practice. There's no need to panic, results aren't important, but some progress would be nice to see, and what better chance to show that off than against Orlando City. Yes they're the hosts and will have the crowd behind them, and yes they tied with Philadelphia in their first game, but they are still currently very much a minor league team so this should be a good confidence builder. Hell, last year's team, crappy and only half built got a 3-0 win against Orlando (also in their 2nd game after losing to Columbus in the first). (sidenote, congrats to Adrian Heath for turning down the chance to hitch his wagon to Paul mariner's Crazy train back in 2012. Only one of them's going to be an MLS coach next year, it ain't shortsy.)

What to look out for, well it's pretty much the same as in the last game. How's Gilberto looking? How's Dwayne de Rosario fitting in? Can the midfield start to look a bit more on the same page so there's fewer long balls needed? All that sort of thing.

The good news is, though it seemed like there might not be one, there is actually a stream, which can be found below, though form people's experiences with the last game, it may work better over at If there's anything that needs to get it's pre season rust out of the way and start working properly, it's the streams, so there's no guarantee of quality, but hey, it's better than nothing (hopefully).

For a fuller preview, check out what Dave wrote yesterday, then join us here at game time for nonsense, panic, snap judgements and all that good stuff.