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Toronto FC vs DC United pre season. Game Thread

So it begins.

Alright then Ryan. Your turn. No pressure
Alright then Ryan. Your turn. No pressure
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Toronto FC vs DC United
7pm Eastern

Well, so far it's been all very impressive seeming, bloody big deals and a few smart smaller deals as well, but as Big Tim said, we haven't won anything yet. They have created an opportunity and here's our first chance to see just how that might work out. Definitive statements on just how this season will unfold can shortly be made. Why. Can't. We. Be. Great? Today will tell us.

Or probably not really. Jermain Defoe's still stuck to Tottenham's bench, and Gilberto (and Jackson) are suffering from paperwork issues so the bright new dawn will probably start with Dike and Wiedeman up front, yay!

There might well be a bit of Michael Bradley in midfield though, that'll be exciting and we should probably watch as much of Matias Laba as we can while we still have the chance. As well there'll be some of the lesser spotted younger players hoping to impress before inevitably being shipped off to be Loan Sharks in Wilmington.

More than all of that though, it's the simple fun of finally getting to watch a game again, the only thing I'll really hope for is that Bendik doesn't break his nose Stefan Frei styles.

For a more through preview, check out Dave's 3 things to watch for article here.

Anyway, game starts at 7, click the link above to watch, or click play in them embedded stream below and join us in the comments section for general commentary, and all the snap judgements, multiple sub related confusion and who's that then? questions you can handle.