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Toronto FC To Bring In Julio Cesar On Loan?

Great Cesar's ghost! Could the former #1 Brazilian keeper be on his way to TFC? Didn't we already have a Julio Cesar? What ever happened to that guy anyway?

What was that Ryan? You want me to go where?
What was that Ryan? You want me to go where?
Mike Hewitt

As rumours swirled earlier in the week about the possibility of Toronto FC signing a 'Top 10 keeper' (but top ten of what?) on loan, very few guessed at former Ryan Nelsen teammate Julio Cesar, probably due to Leiweke's talk of a team trying to avoid relegation; until today.

Earlier this morning various tweets appeared suggesting that Cesar would be leaving QPR to join TFC on loan:

Cesar has been nailed firmly to the bench at Loftus Road as QPR fight to get back into the Premier League for next season. A move to Toronto - even a short term loan until the World Cup as has been suggested) - would give Cesar playing time and a chance to showcase his skills and work towards a spot on Brazil's team for the World Cup.

The story suggests that Cesar could join the team as soon as Wednesday of next week as soon as the usual Visa issues are sorted out.  This could be a huge signing (however temporary) for Toronto - a world class keeper on board to mentor Bendik and the other keepers an only be a positive.  And Cesar is highly motivated to put in his best effort given his lack of playing time these past months and his desire to play in the World Cup.

We'll have more on Cesar and possible salary cap permutations later on today or tomorrow; but in the meantime - what say you WTR readers?  Is this a good thing; something that will help propel TFC forward or a waste of resources? Let us know in the comments!