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Toronto FC And Jonas Elmer Agree To Part Ways

Wondering where that international slot for Julio Cesar was coming from? Well wonder no more! Finally the mystery of Jonas Elmer (Who?) is solved and he goes quietly into the books as one of TFC's thousands of former players.

Mutually agreed? Does that pass the smell test?
Mutually agreed? Does that pass the smell test?
Martin Bazyl Photography

No more wondering who that Elmer guy on the roster is - no more lamenting the loss of Elmer the Safety Left Back (OK, Elephant - Yes, I'm dating myself), jokes as he never played and rarely made the bench.  Instead Elmer Dudd failed to stick (OK, I'll stop) with the team and this afternoon TFC quietly announced that they had (finally!) mutually parted ways with Jonas Elmer.

Instead of being the glue to keep the left side together he was stuck to the bench as the former Swiss International never broke through to the first team, whether due to injury or a rapidly improving Ashtone Morgan it's hard to say.  Elmer was one of the underwhelming summer signings and seemed to have been brought in purely as an (expensive) motivational tool as Morgan was failing to adequately fulfil his duties at LB.

However in the end he only had 3 appearances for the Reds - how about that Roma game? - and either failed to impress or really in the end he was never needed/wanted by Ryan Nelsen (having been a Payne signing).  And so we say so long to number 32 of our countdown and umm, well thanks for the vague memories.