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Toronto FC vs. Fluminense FC: The Last Pre-Season Game Thread

Join us in the comments for the last of the exciting pre-season action!

Welcome to the team Nick.
Welcome to the team Nick.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost time for TFC to bid farewell to sunny Florida and return to the icebox that is Toronto (winter schedule anyone?).  But first they need to take on Fluminense FC in their final match of the Mickey Mouse tournament.

With injuries still plaguing some of the likely first team starters there will be a bit of lineup shuffling by Ryan Nelsen today - most notably Jeremy Hall at RB...everyone remember how well that worked two years ago? Thankfully this is just pre-season and our Reds have a bye.

And of course they're still missing pretty much the entire forward line so umm, Wieds come on down?  Really just hoping to see a lot smoother play in the midfield from Michael Bradley et. al and some solid defensive work from Caldwell and Henry.

So join us in the comments as we work to gain match commenting fitness for our first match in two weeks - Only two weeks guys, we can do this! Sharpen that wit, hone those observational skills!  Oh and come on you Reds.