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Are you smarter than Paul Mariner? Round 1

Yes, we're doing it again, the world's most half arsed prediction contest is back. Predict the TFC at Seattle score and win win, win!

Mike Stobe

It's a multi cultural contest this isn't it? We've had a Scot, a Serb and a Dutchman, and now it's everyone's favourite gruff shorts wearing Englishman who we get to spend the season gently mocking. Fun.

Same rules as last year, 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goals, and 1 point for the correct amount of Chadlazos! Sounders goals. Get it exactly right and you get 4 points.

What do points make? Prizes! Yes my stash of prize swag is updated and ready to be given away. There'll be a couple of prize packs to choose from, as we'll be splitting the season up into 2 halves again, hopefully more games than last year's sad 18 game halves. I don't have everything fully figured out yet, but the two main prizes will be a Julian de Guzman bobblehead doll (please don't send it to the last place team to burn in the heat) and the bewilderingly magnificent t shirt pictured below, which is a genuine Stefan Frei design from a few years back. Honestly.


Cat not included


So, predict the score in the comments section below or @wakingthered or @duncandfletcher on twitter, thanks for playing.