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Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 28 - #DungeonDFletcher

Live from the floor of Jacob Peterson's American flag factory, it's the Vocal Minority podcast!


First kick of MLS took place this past weekend and your hapless heroes had the week off. In this episode the gang reviews the first week action, looks at just where TFC stand going into their own kick off, previews what it is going to be like facing two ex-TFCers who have something to prove in Frei and  Chad "The Chad" Barrett, guesses at how much BS we've been fed surrounding the future turf at BMO Field, gets all shirty with the new kits, and a whole lot more besides.

Also, listener participation time, a little fill in the blank action we're calling #Bitchyblanks.  Michael Bradley's head is so shiny, you can see _______.  Tweet your answer to @voclminoritypod on twitter, best responses make it into next week's show.

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