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Toronto FC @ Seattle Sounders: Game Thread.

Finally things get serious. After a remarkable off season and a lacklustre pre season, it's time to see just what this latest version of TFC is all about. Join us for in game commentary as Michael Bradley takes on Clint Dempsey your Reds take on Seattle Sounders.

De Ro celebrates a goal in Seattle. More of that please.
De Ro celebrates a goal in Seattle. More of that please.
Otto Greule Jr

Century Link Field, 4:30 Eastern

Good times for a change
see, the luck I've had
can make a good man
turn bad

So please please please
let me, let me, let me
let me get what I want
this time

Haven't had a dream in a long time
see, the life I've had
can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
let me get what I want
Lord knows it would be the first time
Lord knows it would be the first time

Thinking about this upcoming season, I just can't get that song out of my head. The recognition that amidst a lifetime of despair, there is now actually the potential of good times, of the possibility of a dream. The plaintive, almost apologetic plea for the universe to actually let that dream flourish, to let the good times happen, just this once, desperately trying to push down the knowledge that somehow it will go wrong, because it always does, this is TFC we're talking about.

But enough of my miserable outlook on life, it's finally here, the start of a season that promises much. Sure there are issues with depth, and no guarantees that things will work out with these fancy new additions, but on paper at least, this is one we can look forward to, where we should all finally get what we want. Last year I never thought anything good was going to happen, but this time around there's the genuine tension, nerves and excitement that comes with expectation. This is what the dawn of a new season is supposed to feel like, I remember this from before the life I've had as a football supporter turned this good man bad. I quite like it.

But what about today's game? Well I'd say there's a good chance that at least in terms of the result, it's going to be a bit of a downer. Even if all our stars were healthy, in mid season form and living up to potential, this would be one of the toughest fixtures of the season.

Seattle are a good example of how far TFC have to go. Yes, we've added some good players, but TFC were so far behind that there are still teams that are clearly on another level, that are aiming for the Supporters Shield and MLS Cup rather than the playoffs then wait and see what might happen, which is where I'd put TFC at right now.

So for today, I'm more looking for good signs than expecting a result. I have very few doubts about Michael Bradley, or that Jermain Defoe will eventually settle in and do very well, but how long will that process take? He's only been with the team for a week so it's unlikely he'll hit the turf running. Also there's the secondary players, De Rosario, Rey, Osorio, Jackson, Morrow et al. How well can they do, can they rise up to the level of their more talented teammates, be the supporting cast they need? Today, we'll get our first real signs towards those answers. That'll be the most important thing, not the result. Unless we win of course in which case, definite conclusions of glory will safely be able to be made.

If you want even more to read, and haven't done already, we have two parts of James' usual thorough scouting job in Know your enemy, How you doin'? with Dave Clark from Sounder at Heart, Kristin's game preview and Mitchell's article on Stefan Frei having to adjust to life with a winning mentality. There's also the latest episode of the Vocal Minority podcast previewing this game among other things, and of course, are you smarter than Paul Mariner. You can find all that stuff in the links below, or by clicking on that picture a few paragraphs above for the full storystream.

We'll be here with team news when it hits twitter and the usual commentary throughout the game, this time with more genuine interest and excitement, and hopefully less of the jaded gallows humour so often necessary to keep us sane last season. Join us there.

Come on you Reds!