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Fantasy Free-kick: Week 2

As the new guy around here it is my duty to keep the WTR readers up to date on this season's Smarter Than...insert coaches name here contest and this new feature, the MLS Fantasy column. This column can be whatever you, the readers, want it to be. Comment below or feel free to tweet me your suggestions @Stouffvillain.

Everyones excited about fantasy
Everyones excited about fantasy
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Kudos to the Toronto Hammerheads who have come out the gate on fire this season. With 144 points through the first two weeks they are currently sitting on top of the WTR MLS Fantasy league. Will Bruin has been a star for the Hammerheads thus far but someone else will have to step up this week as Houston is the only team on a bye this week. The week 2 winner is Narly19 whose decision to not wait and see and instead go straight to the Jermain Defoe well paid off handsomely as his captain brought in 26 of his 73 points.


This week’s hottest fantasy players adds are well known to TFC supporters. Jermain Defoe leads all players with 1,800+ adds this week. The only other player to crack 1,000 is the dancing Ecuadorian Joao Plata. Playing in a more fluid offense than the one he played in while in Toronto Plata has really found a home in Utah.


These are the guys who are being kicked to the curb more than any others. Mike Magee has already dropped $0.2m this season and is leading the way this week in drops. In the preseason many were looking at Zach Loyd to be the steal of the season at $5.5m but after being beaten out for his position he then picked up a knock and now is right behind Mike Magee in drops. Lastly is Max Urruti has cracked 500+ drops. Failing to score in what is supposed to be a potent offense will do that.


TFC host DC this week, who are coming off a bye, and looking to show their followers the egg they laid in Columbus in week one wasn’t what their front office concocted this offseason. Defoe, Osorio and Jackson look to be good starts this week. The TFC defence also looks like a solid play. Eddie Johnson can score at a moment’s notice but DC didn’t show much to fear in their opener.

Here's your current top ten in the WTR league, best of luck to your squad this week.

# Team Manager RD TOT
1 Toronto Hammerheads Seth Greenan 70 144
2 Veenstars FC michael veenstra 59 133
3 RedsFC Rick Desousa 59 132
4 melchester rovers martin clamp 48 127
4 Tim Is the New Black Yitzaac 54 127
6 shocked and stunned David Riddles 56 127
7 Deadwood Christopher Sopuch 54 126
8 Sporting Shananigans john R 64 125
9 Hopeless Wanderers Simon Hitchens 71 124
10 TSC 61 123