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Are you smarter than Paul Mariner? Round 2

A chance for redemption for all the pessimists, an opportunity to widen the gap for the optimists.

If you got the full 4 points last week you deserve some applause.
If you got the full 4 points last week you deserve some applause.

Who saw that coming? Western conference road trips haven’t been kind to Toronto FC over the years but this isn’t the TFC we’ve come to know over the last seven years. Most were willing to give all the new faces time to gel but after last week, it’s all systems go. A rested DC United squad will make their way up to BMO on Saturday where TFC 8.0 and 20,000 plus supporters will be waiting.

Expectations are higher than ever, so what are your thoughts? Post your predictions in the comment section below or tweet them to me, @Stouffvillain. As always 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score. Here are the results after Week 1.

dannyenglish 4

bartikusz 4

cwell 4

PSoNumber9 4

@timmerj_75 4

@Iavpreett 4

busapunk 4


TheBoffin 4

charles_316 4

Rsanchez 3

AMS1984 3

@Cody_Faulkner 3

kwhisperer 2

Sudds68 2

zicogold 2

Sn0wmanCA 2

Futgol 2

Derek Gagnon 2

RedWineRoz 1

Yitzaac 1

1-4-4-2 1

djopel00 1

hansdampf 1

henryforpm 1

Hermenaut 1

TheKaptin 1

curtis.qpr 1

mmug72 1

Lord Flashheart 1

stoppage_time 1

James M Casey 1

@torontosubbeteo 1

@BruceHardingTFC 1

@_EnricoS 1

sulfur 1

@IAmSairax 1

@WhaleyStatic 1

yagbod 1

@BrentSmith91 1

@TFCLeafnation 1

SchteveTown 1

ajaxman 1

@DowntownDino 1

@bradtaylor78 1

@MadZap42 1

chris_s001 1