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Jackson in hot water for elbow on Davy Arnaud

Toronto FC could be down one of their starting wingers for a while as Jackson finds himself in hot water for an incident in the game against DC United. His elbow to the midsection of Davy Arnaud will surely get some attention from the disciplinary committee.

Jackson could find himself in a bit of hot water this week with MLS' disciplinary committee.  The midfielder got himself in hot water for an elbow jab that he threw in to the midsection of D.C. United's Davy Arnaud.  It was not a viscous attack by any means but given the fact that Clint Dempsey was suspended two games for his little lash out at Mark Bloom's man parts we can probably expect to see something similar for Jackson this week.

The incident was hard to pick up on the broadcast as the camera was focused on Michael Bradley who was preparing to take a free kick at the time but TSN later showed footage that made it clear that Arnaud bumped into the back of Jackson while jostling for position which prompted Jackson to send his elbow backwards and in to Arnaud's midsection.  After that Arnaud crumpled to the ground making meal of things while Jackson got a yellow card from Silviu Petrescu who was just a few feet away when the incident happened.

Since this is not the English Premier League the incident will still be subject to review by the disciplinary committee.  The fact that Petrescu saw it happen and dealt with it by handing out a yellow card has no bearing on the DisCo's ability to hand out further punishment should they see fit.

Jackson's elbow was controversial enough to be the first item in the weekly Simon Borg shouts about things segment.  For those of you familiar with Borg feel free to put your sound on mute before watching and know that he basically says that he expect to see Jackson suspended for his actions.

There is another incident in the segment that could have a major impact on Toronto FC's game this weekend.  With the team travelling to Salt Lake they are in for a tough test but it could be made slightly easier should Alvaro Saborio be handed punishment for his late challenge against LAG.  It was not quite as bad as Borg made it out to sound but it could still be enough to get him suspended given the fact that he comes in late with a lot of force.

So what are your thoughts on the Jackson elbow?  How many games do you expect the winger will be missing for as a result of his little tantrum?