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Introducing The Vocal Minority Podcast

What's all this then? A podcast, that's what.

What's all this then?
What's all this then?

So, take bits of Waking the Red, add in The Yorkies, throw them around a microphone and you have yourself a brand new Toronto FC podcast, The Vocal Minority. Yep, Me and Kristin from wtr, along with Tony and Mark from the Yorkies, (you already read the Yorkies right? Don't make me slap you) all of whom can usually be found on game days at the top of 117, have got together and will be doing a podcast.

It'll be TFC focused and on a weekly basis, reviewing and previewing matches and covering other TFC news with a healthy does of absurdity and nonsense sprinkled throughout, if you've ever confusedly stumbled through our Twitter conversations, you'll get the idea. We'll be linking it here each week, or you can also go to its very own dedicated blogspot page, or follow on twitter, or you can subscribe to it on itunes. So many options, feel the technology.

Here's our pilot episode reviewing the off season and looking ahead to the season. Technical and logistical delays mean it's almost a couple of weeks old, recorded on February 20th, back before the Laba trade/loan/whatever and before all those unconvincing preseason games, back when we were all still innocently optimistic.

From the people who brought you the DeRo song, that attempt at making Bohemian Rhapsody the club anthem, and a bunch of other smart-assery that can only be created standing together in a monsoon on a Wednesday evening football match, this is The Vocal Minority.