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International Friendlies. Now with added TFC!

What's that? Brazil are playing today, and then so are England? And both squads have Toronto FC players in them? Yeah, that's right.

Will Jermain get to practice his disconsolate restart pose again with England today?
Will Jermain get to practice his disconsolate restart pose again with England today?
Shaun Botterill

An international date with plenty of games to follow, yeah they're all friendlies but with the World Cup less than 100 days away, there's no such thing as an unimportant game. But why are we talking about them here? Well of course even when Canada aren't playing this sort of thing now comes with all sorts of TFC flavour.

Michael Bradley pulled out of the US game (if that game even goes ahead, Ukraine obviously have more pressing concerns, but it looks as if it is going to go ahead, though that may have changed by the times you read this, who knows) with an injury. Given the lack of general alarm about our new star player being injured, I'm going to go ahead and presume it's actually an 'injury', mere bubblewrapping for the sake of maintaining fitness.

Talking of 'injuries' it looks like whatever kept Jermain Defoe out of his last Tottenham games is magically cleared up as he's in the England squad to take on Denmark. That game is on at 3pm Eastern, televised on Sportsnet World. More than likely they might need to use a 'bench cam' for us to watch our newest star player, but hopefully he'll at least get some action after the usual multiple 2nd half subs.

Before that, at noon Eastern there's Julio Cesar for Brazil, hoping to show Big Phil that he's still good to go despite all his not playing with QPR. Again, there's no guarantee that he'll start or see much playing time, and more than likely a stream of dubious legality is your only way of watching that one.

Hopefully both players can get some time to shake off whatever rust they may have and prove they're ready to go next week when things get serious. There's finally a good reason to watch high profile international games, this whole superclub thing is fun!