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Dan Lovitz signs with Toronto FC. Heading to Wilmington.

No official announcement from TFC yet but, he don't care! he's Lovitz! And he's going to tell the world about his signing even if they won't.

Let's hope he looks good in neon.
Let's hope he looks good in neon.
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During last night's kit reveal/charity gala thing, intrepid reporter Armen Bedakian spoke with Dan Lovitz and tweeted out the following news.

Today, though as of the time of writing there was no announcement from the club, we got confirmation from the man himself.

So I guess we can consider that official.

TFC's second pick of the 2014 SuperDuperDraft, 24th overall, that's not the kind of draft position that guarantees a contract by any means, so the midfielder must have done something well over pre-season to warrant the contract.

I don't remember him doing much, other than being subbed on and drawing multiple confused who's number 35? comments so don't really feel like I've got much to add to what Dave had to say about him at the time he was drafted. Left footed midfielder, quick, puts in a decent cross.

It was unlikely he'd get anywhere near the first team this season as is usually the case with later round draft picks so going off to Wilmington to be a loan shark just makes sense. Hopefully he can take that opportunity to improve more than previous draft picks like Emery Welshman and many others over the years who got stuck in the development netherworld that was the MLS reserve league.  If he can come back here in 2015 and start contending for a first team spot, that'd be a good advert for the new system.

Anyway, congratulations and best of luck to him,  and, just because they're fun and deserve to be used more often than simply at draft time, here's his highlights video.