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Toronto FC vs Colorado Rapids: Game Thread

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Follow all the action here as TFC take on the Rapids.

Jermain? Mike? Where are you going? You're leaving me with these guys?
Jermain? Mike? Where are you going? You're leaving me with these guys?
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Toronto FC vs Colorado Rapids
Bmo Field, 4pm Eastern

This game's special promotion is guaranteed win night. Yes, through 7 seasons of ineptitude, TFC somehow collected a 6-0 record against Colorado. And now TFC are awesome, this is going to be a great night, what could possibly go wrong?

Injuries, that's what. Notes from training said that Jermain Defoe, Jonathan Osorio and Doneil Henry will all be out again, and that Michael Bradley is questionable and Alvaro Rey is very questionable. So that's what could go wrong. Of course TFC faced similar issues last week and went to Columbus and brought back a 2-0 win, and they now have Steven Caldwell back from suspension, so no problems right? Well hopefully not, but it's one thing to have a one off positive reaction to adversity, to keep that up is a whole different ask, especially if Bradley's not going to be there to control the midfield.

It can be seen of course as another opportunity. A chance for Bradley Orr to show he can work well with Steven Caldwell and cement his place as first alternative at centre back. A chance for, gulp, Jeremy Hall and Kyle Bekker to show that we needn't fear the pre world cup camps and all the games Michael Bradley will miss. A chance for Issey Nakajima Farran to stake a claim on a starting spot on one of the wings. A chance for Dwayne De Rosario to prove that he does still have it, or at least to prove that he can adapt his game and still thrive without it. A chance for Gilberto to get in on the goals, as that's what A DP striker should be doing. Yes, he's looked good and helped the team and has come close to scoring, but someone who does all that and doesn't score isn't a DP worthy striker, they're just the Brazilian Brockie. A chance for Ryan Nelsen to once again show that he doesn't need such an extravagant first team to get results.

For a fuller preview, check out the storystream by clicking on the link up there to the right for Kristin's preview, 2 parts of know your enemy from James, a how you doin'? with Chris White of Burgundy Wave. We'll have the usual post game articles of course, including a photo gallery from Martin again.

We'll have lineups here when they hit twitter and all the usual commentary and nonsense (hopefully with no Bradley realted anxiety) before and throughout the game. Join us.

Come on you Reds!