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Colorado Rapids 1:0 Toronto FC: Highlights, Summary and Quotes

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Toronto lost their first home match of the season 1-0 to the Colorado Rapids at BMO Field.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC have lost their first match of the season at home, 1-0 to the Colorado Rapids, falling to 3-2-0 on the season. Former TFC forward Edson Buddle had the goal for the visitors as he came back to haunt his former club once again.

A full analysis will be released shortly but for now enjoy, okay cringe, at the questionable defending that led to Colorado's goal. Hey! Bekker took some great free kicks that almost went in though.

Scoring Summary

COL - Edson Buddle (Dillon Powers, Dillon Serna) 77'

Misconduct Summary

TFC - Steven Caldwell 17' (caution)


Toronto FC:  3-2-0  9pts.

Colorado Rapids:  3-1-1  10pts.


Toronto FC - Júlio César; Mark Bloom (Jordan Hamilton 90), Steven Caldwell ©, Bradley Orr, Justin Morrow; Jackson, Kyle Bekker, Jeremy Hall, Issey Nakajima-Farran; Dwayne De Rosario (Andrew Wiedeman 67'), Gilberto

Substitutes Not Used: Joe Bendik, Ryan Richter, Gale Agbossoumonde, Nick Hagglund, Ashtone Morgan

Colorado Rapids - Clint Irwin; Thomas Piermayr, Shane O'Neill, Drew Moor ©, Brian Mullan; Jose Mari, Nathan Sturgis (Dillon Serna 74'), Nick LaBrocca, Dillon Powers; Edson Buddle, Gabriel Torres (Deshorn Brown 63')

Substitutes Not Used: John Berner, Kamani Hill, Charles Eloundou, Marvell Wynne, Jared Watts


Thoughts on the match overall.

We knew it was going to be a game where one goal would settle the result, whether it was a mistake or a moment of brilliance. To tell you the truth, after watching the second half, I thought there was only one team that was going to win the game. It's the cruelty of football where you hit the post and 30 seconds later the other team scores. I am really proud of the guys; I thought they were brilliant, especially in the second half.

What did you think of the goal?

I haven't seen the goal over to give you a better analysis but I knew the game would be won by a scrappy goal. It was unfortunate it that it wasn't us that score but it was them that score.

How close is Bradley to being fit to play?

I hope he will be fit for next week but if he were to play today, there would be a great chance that he would be out for several weeks, months.

What were your thoughts on Kyle Bekker?

I thought he was brilliant today and one of our standout players. He is showing a high level of maturity which has been showing through his hard work.


Where you guys really missing the injured players?

Obviously anyone is going to miss them but I think the lads that stepped in did really well today.  The result might mask that a little bit, but if it would have went the other way nobody would have been talking about it.  Listen, anyone is going to miss that caliber of players of course.  But credit to the lads that stepped in I thought they did a good job.

What happened on the goal?

I just remember it being a cross field pass and a little bit of a scramble.  I think the lads put it away but at the time it felt like a bit of a miss.  When you've gone to block it you thought he was opening himself up but he scuffed it the other way.  I'm not taking away anything from them, all credit to Colorado, they had two fantastic results on the road so best of luck to them.  Like I said, we've got to not dwell on it too much and move on to the next one and go into to it positive and confident and see where that takes us.

Do you think the team deserved more after that performance?

I do, I thought we didn't deserve to get beat but it happens like that.  You probably ask a hundred people you'll get a mixed bag of opinions but playing the game it actually felt comfortable.  There weren't a lot of chances to deal with from their position and they were clinical in the chance that they did get.


What do you think you have to work on to solidify your place on the first team?

Just keep building on each performance any chance I get.  Keep the passing tight, getting into the ball, winning tackles in the middle and just keep building.

What do you learn from having Michael Bradley as a teammate?

Just the little stuff...You might not see it all on camera but to see him every day in practice and in training, just his work rate and the little things he does in a game makes the biggest difference and to see that first hand makes a big difference.

You were a little more aggressive in the second half what changed at the break?

We wanted to go for the win. We are playing at home and we wanted to get the three points, that's what we wanted so we had to go for it. We were unlucky that they came down and scored but that's soccer.

What were your thoughts when the ball left your foot on both free kicks?


Does this year feel different to your rookie season?

Yes, definitely. Every rookie season is going to have its ups and downs so it's good to get that out of the way. Now it's just focus on the team. It's not so much about this is my first year and in the league it's all out of the way.

Did the goalie get a fingertip on the first free kick or did it just hit the post?

I'm not sure, it went over the wall and I think it just hit the post but I'll have to see it again.


Quick thought on your teams performance tonight, this is two weeks in a row that you guys have been able to come down to the nitty gritty and pull out a victory?  Are you happy with the result tonight?

Absolutely, more importantly I'm happy with the performance.  We set out to play a decent brand of soccer.  You come into places with good teams, difficult conditions and it doesn't look like the way you've drawn it out.  It a credit to characters on the field, finding ways to get these results.  The game of soccer is thinking on your feet as you get going and making adjustments on the field as you see fit as players.  They've taken that responsibility and really found ways to get results in really difficult places to play.

In talking about the players having to adjust in the play of the game, a little comment on the pitch, it's definitely one that's been an issue for Toronto.  Do you think that played a factor today?

There was only a few spells of decent soccer being played out there.  The rest of it was grit, rolling up your sleeves, second balls and battles.  That's what I said to the guys going in.  This games not going to be about soccer, it's going to be about determination and will and fight and getting those second balls and shielding and putting balls in dangerous spots.   We were up against a good team and the effort was tremendous and it's definitely a performance to build on.

Torres being the first sub for Colorado, was that more of a tactical move taking him out?  Or just a lack of performance?

No.  The way I've looked at this whole season is a process.  I look at the big picture.  He's coming off a 90 minute performance on turf.  Coming here the field is heavy.  We had Edson (Buddle) who didn't play last week.  So, what I'm trying to do is get the guys rest and prepared for the next week as well.


Pulling out another victory, a late equalizer, based on your teams performance today are you happy with it?

Yeah, I think any time you can go on the road and get three points against a good Toronto side.  I think we played well today.  They really threw everything they had at us.   But a lot of character showed from the guys in our locker room.  That's kind of been a theme for us early in the season.  This is something to build on for sure.

Is it the Toronto team that you thought you were going to experience, that are dealing with a lot of injuries.  You had to at least defend one of the DP's in Gilberto:

I think their depth was tested today.  I'd be lying if I said when we saw the team sheet, that it didn't make us a little more hungry.  Obviously the guys that stepped in did well.  Gilberto is a handful, especially up there with De Rosario.  Toronto is a good team, which makes earning these three points that much tougher and feels that much better.