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Fantasy Free-Kick: Round 6

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New league leader. New weekly leader. Who's hot? Who's not? What to do with your Reds this weekend.

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I'll start with a warning: For the first time this year there's a midweek game so any transfers need to be done before Wednesday evening.

For the second consecutive week in the WTR Fantasy league the weekly winner is the league leader. Canadian Bacons scored 73 points this week to vault themselves into first. Captaining Clint Dempsey totaled 28 points and that was the big factor, backed up by some average scores as no other player cracked double digits on the squad but almost everyone contributed to take the total from respectable to league leading. With a 14 point lead heading into Round 7 Canadian Bacons could be the first to hold onto top spot for more than a week?


The most transferred in player so far this week is the aforementioned Dempsey. He’s red hot right now so it isn’t a shock to see him top the list. Qunicy Amarikwa continued his great form to kick of the season this weekend. Amarikwa has now scored 7 points for three straight weeks. The next four players are all Philadelphia Union players and with two games this week that shouldn't surprise anyone. Zac MacMath has saved a penalty two weeks running and is the most added Union player this week. He is followed by Andrew Wenger, Maurice Edu and Leonardo Fernandes.


Vicente Sanchez of the Colorado Rapids is the most dropped player to lead off the week. As predicted a few weeks ago when he was in the most added section Sanchez would soon find his way to this section. Colorado is no longer averaging over one penalty per game and since then Sanchez has seen a drop in value. Sanchez also was unavailable for the game at BMO this weekend which also didn’t help his stock. If you have Sanchez be prepared to see a drop in his price. Will Bruin hasn’t scored in three weeks and that seems to be the limit for most players as they are dropping him quickly. Michael Bradley is also being transferred out by a lot of players this week. With the uncertainty with his injury and the two bye weeks in the next four rounds managers are feeling the $10.1m can better be spent elsewhere.


Road, sweet road. TFC hop on a plane to Dallas to face the hottest team in the league. Dallas are a well oiled machine right now offensively averaging 2.5 goals per game. This is not a great week to play your TFC defenders looking for shutout points. Don’t expect anything outside of points for clearances, blocks and interceptions from the back line. If Defoe is given a clean bill of health get him in your lineup. While FC Dallas have everything working offensively, on the back end they have not kept a clean sheet this year and have given up 1.75 goals per game at home. Someone will score for TFC this week and Defoe is the most likely candidate if he is available.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League this week: