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FC Dallas vs Toronto FC: Game Thread

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Follow all the action here from Fabulous Frisco as TFC take on FC Dallas.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas vs Toronto FC
PIzza Hut Park (yeah, I know. Don't care. Pizza Hut Park forever!)
8:30 Eastern, Sportsnet One

Is he back? Is he playing? Last week without him and against a team sitting back and forcing TFC to do something, Michael Bradley was sorely missed. Will they have to do without him again? If so, can they do better?

This should be a much different game than the one against Colorado as Dallas have been a high scoring team so far who'll probably have a lot more attacking intent, hopefully resulting in a lot more counter attack opportunities for the Reds to take advantage of. Though that counter attacking will probably end up at the feet of Andrew Wiedeman, so you know, best not to really get your hopes up too much for this one.

For a fuller preview, click on the link off to the right, where you'll find two parts of Know Your Enemy from James, my How You Doin'? q and a swap with Big D Soccer, Kristin's preview and of course get your prediction in for Are you Smarter Than Paul Mariner? Also, if you haven't tried it yet, check out the Vocal Minority Podcast for a review of the last game, a preview of this one and a whole lot of entertaining nonsense around it.

We'll have team news when it hits twitter, and general chat and silliness throughout the game. Join us there.

Come On You reds!