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FC Dallas 2:1 Toronto FC: Highlights, quotes and summary

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Blas Perez' goal in the 88th minute saw the league's hottest team defeat Toronto FC by a score of 2-1.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A late goal from Blas Perez saw FC Dallas defeat Toronto FC 2-1 in the toughest loss of the season for the Reds. With the loss to Dallas, the club with the best record in the league, Toronto are now 3-3-0.

Aside from Perez, Matt Hedges had the other goal for the home side. Issey Nakajima-Farran scored his second of the season as a consolation prize for TFC.

A full analysis of the loss can be expected soon. If you feel like being tortured more, here are the highlights of all three goals.

Scoring Summary

TFC- Issey Nakajima-Farran 21'

FCD- Matt Hedges (Michel) 37'

FCD- Blas Perez 88'

Misconduct Summary

TFC- Issey Nakajima-Farran 55' (Foul)

TFC- Jackson 74' (Foul)


Toronto FC: 3-3-0 9pts

FC Dallas: 5-1-1 16pts


Toronto FC- Cesar; Bloom (Hagglund 90+2), Orr, Caldwell, Morrow; Jackson, Bekker, Osorio, Bradley, Nakajima-Farran (Wiedeman 80'); Gilberto

Substitutes Not Used: Konopka, Agbossoumonde, Richter, Bendik, Hamilton,

FC Dallas- Seitz; Acosta, Keel, Hedges, Benitez; Thomas, Michel (Moffat 90'), Watson, Diaz (Jacobson 90+1), Castillo; Texeira  (Perez 70')

Substitutes Not Used: Fernandez, Loyd, Garcia, Zimmerman


Ryan Nelsen - Head Coach, Toronto FC

On the result of the game...

Well I feel really bad for the guys because I thought it was a really solid away performance. We just got really undone by two set pieces. The first was a fantastic delivery. It was very hard to defend and you take your hat off to a delivery like that. The second one's the most disappointing, I think. It wasn't a very good ball; It was a scrappy, nothing-really, kind of goal which is really frustrating because - even though we had position and we created much you look down and (see) the set pieces, that was the frustrating thing about conceding that second goal and I feel really bad for the guys.

On the number of corner kicks...

You obviously don't want, whoever you're playing - to concede corner kicks. It's an opportunity to get the ball in the box. But as the game kind of went in it, we found ourselves defending in furor.

On the no call penalty on Gilberto...

Oh it's just a blatant penalty. I mean he's got the inside line on him. The guy's out of position, he just pushed him in the back. It‘s just absolutely ridiculous. You don't push a guy like that in the back. And again I feel sorry for the boys because the free kick they got for the second goal was nothing. IT was absolutely nothing. There wasn't any contact hardly.

Steven Caldwell​ - Defender, Toronto FC

On dealing with the crosses and corners...

I feel like we defended it reasonably well. Obviously it's always disappointing to allow a goal off a corner. But the quality of the ball, the run, the header, sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say, ‘these things happen.' It was a fantastic goal, but we're disappointed. To defend a lot of crosses really well, I feel that we were probably solid in that department with the quality that they put in the box, but unfortunately the repetition and law of averages says that if you keep allowing them opportunities to get the ball in, chances are they're going to get a goal.

On defending a team like FC Dallas, which thrives on set pieces...

Michel puts in a phenomenal ball. It's when of the best I've ever faced probably. It's real pace and quality and it's on the button every single time. And even when he hits the back post with such pace, it takes the keeper out of the game and it's very difficult for the men on the back to deal with.

Michael Bradley​ - Midfielder, Toronto FC

On tonight's result...

We have to be honest with ourselves tonight and just say we weren't good enough. Obviously it's a good team. It's a difficult place to play. We just didn't have enough about us, weren't really able to go after them. We were never able to really go for it. Obviously, we were able to get a goal and go up 1-0. Give away a goal before halftime and a set piece in the second half, a few half chances for us, but for the most part they're pushing and pushing, and obviously disappointing to concede a late goal, but you certainly hope that now as the season goes on that we are able to have the maturity and come away with a point on these kind of days, but still it doesn't change the main point which is that we weren't good enough.

On conceding 16 corner kicks......

It's no secret they're good at set pieces. They have guys who serve the ball well. Guys who make good runs, attack the ball well. Again, to win games against good teams you have to go for it. You have to have a mentality that says you're not afraid to make mistakes, you're not afraid to play, you're not afraid to really get after them, and we fell short in those areas tonight.

On if he saw the no call on Gilberto...

You hope that over the course of the season those kinds of plays even themselves out. Some days you get that one, other days you don't. You certainly can't look back at that as the reason why things didn't go our way.

Oscar Pareja - Head Coach, FC Dallas

General thoughts on the match...

I want to start with this because the players talked about it as soon as they got back to the locker room, and that's the great job the front office is doing with the fans, and the incredible job the fans are doing with this franchise right now. They help us a lot. I will say that they were pushing (us) all the time and that was great. We felt that energy in the second half when we needed it. Regarding the game, the second half was very good, very well played by us. We were not as flashy, maybe, but we looked more mature. We had very good possession, very good control of the game. We really played against a very good team. (Give) credit to this group of players. They are doing an incredible job, and we're proud. They (the fans) are playing with us. They're our number 12. I have been here for many years and this is the time I feel (the fans' presence) the most. This is a credit for them, really, because this is their team. This is their atmosphere. If we continue with this and them pushing that hard, I don't have any doubt that a lot of good things are going to happen here.

On Blas Perez returning...

I can't stress enough how important (Blas Perez) is for this team. The rest that he had during the last couple of weeks was just what he needed. He trained very well this week and today we knew that he was going to come in (and play well) because he's experienced. I'm very proud and happy for him. He helped us a lot. He can hold the ball for us and he's experienced. He's tremendous.

On franchise record 16 corners and pressure on TFC...

It happened against Seattle too. We had five corners in the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we came out with no points (last week). But, the team continued to put pressure (on them) and all of those things, the corners and fouls and open crosses, are due to the pressure we're putting on teams.

Blas Perez - Forward, FC Dallas

On returning to the lineup...

I am very happy to get back out there on the pitch after being injured the past few weeks. I am happy we got the win tonight. It makes it even better that I was able to score the winning goal, but I'm just here to help the team. Thank God I was able to get out there and find the back of the net tonight.

On his hamstring...

I'm good. It's just something that is in the back of my mind. I know that I am 100 percent, but mentally I am still a bit hesitant to go all out.

On the fans at Toyota Stadium this season...

The whole team is very thankful that the fans have been coming out and supporting us this season. As long as I have been here, this is the best the fans have been. I understand that everything goes back to the way that the team is playing. Hopefully we continue to do well and receive this great support.