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Media tries to get into TFC. Doesn't quite get it right.

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Well, TFC and Leiweke's circus are a bloody big deal, and so that brings attention from all sorts of unexpected places. This week TFC popped up in Toronto Life and The Grid, but it just doesn't quite feel right.

That Jermaine Dafoe sure is dreamy!
That Jermaine Dafoe sure is dreamy!
Jag Gundu

Couple of articles that you may or may not have seen that came out yesterday, but are definitely worth a read so figured I'd post something about them here. It's good to see TFC getting a bit more press, but there's just those little mistakes that the casual fans the pieces are aimed at won't notice, but will make a more committed fan cringe a wee bit.  Is it harsh to point them out? Sure, but it's fun too, so here I go.

First up is the Grid and they have a feature written by David Miller. It's a good article detailing why he so publicly gave up his tickets last season and what convinced him to get back on board. A lot of good points made, Miller actually is a supporter who knows what he's talking about, though the accompanying photo shoot really doesn't come off as a good idea and the editor clearly doesn't know enough about the subject to catch obvious errors. There's Mo Johnson, Aaron Winter, and a giant link to another article that still says 'Read our interview with Jermaine Effing Dafoe'. The insiders guide to BMO Field is a bit of a joke as well, seeming concerned with food locations more than anything and another of those times where the Red Patch Boys but none of the other supporters Groups do.

Then we get to '5 essential facts about Toronto FC' which are probably 5 of the least essential things I can think of. It plays up the Columbus rivalry and the Trillium Cup as a big thing, suggest we play South American teams in the CCL, and oh yeah, number 4?

On July 23, TFC hosts English Premier League club-and Defoe's previous side-Tottenham Hotspur for a mid-season friendly match.

Yep, essential, and totally about TFC. anyway, read the whole thing here.

As pointed out, the article contains a link to a Jermain Defoe interview. Kind of fluffy with the title 'Jermain Defoe is dreamy', but again some good stuff in there, and hey, they spell his name right! That's a good start. There's nothing to really make fun of here, though Defoe definitely seems to have got the 'talk about how amazing the fans are' media training. I was amused by his discovery of what people over here think baked beans are, had that same problem myself, but here's my favourite question and answer.

One article I read referred to you as a notorious ladies' man.
Oh, yeah, there were loads like that. What's a ladies' man? If you're single and you get attention from girls, what are you going to do? I never ever let that stuff get to me. My mom would get pissed off, but she knew that a lot of that stuff is made up anyway.

Fun. Anyway, read that interview here.

Both of those are totally worth reading, but then there's an article in this month's Toronto Life that's just plain bad. It's not available online yet, presumably it will be after the magazine's been on sale for a while, but I certainly wouldn't recommend buying the magazine for this article. To be fair, it's not trying too hard, it's a 'cheat sheet' - 'Everything you need to know to fall back in love with the resurgent Reds' there's nothing in depth, just a lot of little 'facts' the best of which I'll list here. I do appreciate how they're happy to take swings at TFC management, was a little surprised by it, but then new management has already shown how happy it is for old management to to be slagged off, so I probably shouldn't be. Anyway, here we go, my responses in brackets.

Talking about the new players -

Defoe: The 5'7" Londoner ranks 14th on the Premier League's all time scoring list (Gaaaaaaaah! football existed before 1992! when you say 'all time' you mean, the last 22 years, for fucks sake!). He's a fan of boxing and Keeping up with the Kardashians who hopes to one day star in his own reality show. (Well that could be fun, suggestions in the comments section please)

Bradley: His soccer pedigree is strong: dad Bob coached the U.S. Men's national team. (Really, you can't come up with 3 sentences without having to talk about his Dad? sigh.)

Gilberto: At 24 he has yet to reach his potential. If he clicks with the new club, he could prove to be a huge acquisition.(to be fair, they nailed it, especially with that if).

Dwayne de Rosario: The oft cornrowed (how long ago was that?) GTA native is the best Canadian ever to play the game. (No. No he isn't. Top scorer for Canada does not mean best ever. You want to argue for top ten overall, sure. Best ever. Just no.)

Julio Cesar: The 34 year old goalie, property of London's Queens Park Rangers, wins wherever he goes. (Might want to look at the second bit of that sentence before writing the third part.)

Stadium Love

They do at least acknowledge other Supporters Groups beyond the Red Patch Boys, which is nice, but apparently RPB are known for berating opposing players with 'scandalous language' during corner kicks. Chuckle.  Also they list 3 memorable moments, the press box shaking at the home opener, the seat cushion thing, and then the 3rd most memorable moment of BMO Field history? Apparently it's that in 2012 someone threw a Powerade bottle at Freddie Ljungberg. Seriously.

So yeah, we're a bloody big deal, the circus is back in town, guess we should get used to this sort of article again.