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The Spurs Are Coming! The Spurs Are Coming! SSH Tickets Released For July Friendly

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Ooh it's friendly time! Excited? Don't be silly, of course you are! Did we mention that the tickets are actually reasonable? Would we lie to you?

Shaun Botterill

You thought this was going to be a boring bye week didn't you?  Well fear not - TFC has released the tickets for the July 23rd friendly against our new EPL besties Tottenham Hotspur to the SSH.  That's right, you can get your tickets today if you like!  Go on, you know you want to!

A quick check of the account manager brings about a bit of shock though; surprisingly reasonable pricing.  Seriously, I would never kid about the price of TFC tickets - for any game.  A look at the pricing map below shows how affordable most of the tickets are for the SSH:

TFC vs Tottenham Ticket Price Map

The pricing for this game shouldn't be dismissed in terms of relations between management and the fans.  My two west stand seats will run me $50 for this game, whereas the match against AS Roma had them priced at $76 for the pair.  Is this a permanent shift in how SSH (and non-SSH) will be treated for these sorts of games?  Or is this merely because this particular friendly is against our friends (secret overlords) and marketing partners?

It's likely more the latter as MLSE has rarely shied away from getting the most money possible out of their fans (Raptors playoff ticket pricing anyone?). Although this friendly could very well have been part of the fine print in the deal for Defoe - perhaps this is soon to be an annual thing!  Of course this could also be part of the be nice to the fans this year until the playoffs - presuming our Reds make it of course - and then all bets are off!

Lieweke has made it clear they won't 'ask for a raise' from the fans until the team starts to be successful; friendlies at a friendly price until that happens?  Keep in mind that the pricing for non-SSH will likely be much higher; this isn't a charity after all - MLSE haven't suddenly had a change of heart and making money is still priority number one.

However for die-hard Spurs fans or fans that aren't against the concept of mid-season friendlies then the pricing of this game couldn't be more appealing.  Although the subject line for the email sent to SSH - Ready, Set, Hotspur! - leaves much to be desired; the prices almost make up for that. Almost.

As for whether this game (and others like it) are good or not?  Well that's another piece altogether - in the meantime, this calls for another poll! Are the cheap (more or less) ticket prices swaying you? Did you need swaying? Vote your mind and of course feel free to let us know more in the comments below.