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All For One: Episode Five

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The latest episode of All for One is out and this week it gives TFC fans a closer look at Doneil Henry, Duncan Oughton, and Nick Hagglund as follows the team through games against Real Salt Lake, Columbus Crew, and Colorado Rapids.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

All for One is back for the fifth episode of the season!

The latest instalment in the behind-the-scenes series takes fans from the disaster in Sandy, Utah through to the home defeat against Colorado.  The footage from the games is interesting but the real highlights of this series continue to come from getting the chance to see players in a way that the average fan would otherwise never get to see them.

This week the series takes fans home with Doneil Henry to meet his family, see his bedroom, and get some insight in to what it took for the Canadian defender to get to where he is today.  It is just another chance to drive home the idea that Henry loves Canada and Toronto and clearly has a lot of pride to be able to represent both of them while living out his dream of playing professional soccer.

We also get a closer look at two members of the team for whom the return to Columbus was a bit of a big deal.  The episode talks to Duncan Oughton, one of the coaches, about his lengthy stay with the Crew and his decision to move to Toronto last season as well as following Nick Hagglund around as he made his MLS debut in front of friends and family as the Ohio native had a large group of supporters at the game.

To cap it all off the ladies get quite a view of Ryan Richter is this episode if you are in to six packs and all that.