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BMO Field expansion gets city council approval 39-3.

No surprises here but the next rubberstamp got applied as council voted 39-3 in favour of the plans to expand BMO Field

Coming soon to a bmo field near you.
Coming soon to a bmo field near you.

Well, this was a couple of days later than I expected but I guess the airport expansion and food truck stuff was a big deal so the BMO vote got pushed back to today, but unsurprisingly, council gave their blessing to the plans and the $10m loan that MLSE had requested.  It wasn't quite the 42-2 vote that Tim Leiweke predicted, as Mike Del Grande joined Rob and Doug Ford in their symbolic 'look how tough we are and how careful we are with taxpayer money when it in no way counts' no vote. Ron Ford didn't actually speak up against the plan and I'd put massive amounts of money on him being there for the first Argos game claiming this as another triumph of his administration, but Rob Ford's a hypocrite is hardly news now is it?

Next up is getting the $10m that MLSE is asking fro from the provincial and federal governments, but let's face it, that's already in the bag, the appropriate people have already been wined and dined and taken to see a Leafs game with Drake, all that sort of thing. Though Ottawa seems to be talking a tough game, this will happen.

Anyway, if you haven't previously seen any of the details of this renovation, we've had a few articles up from earlier in the process, from the details discussed in the initial public meeting, to the details in the submission to executive committee and also the more TFC specific details of what was told to the TFC season ticket holders before the game against DC. Also, this means a hybrid pitch is coming, click here for an idea of exactly what that means.

As I've said before, this is a clear win for the Argos, and for MLSE, and all in all it's probably a good deal for the city of Toronto. For the specific interests of TFC and their fans and the soccer community as a whole though, well best case scenario this won't be so bad and we'll be able to call it a tie. Of course despite what Big Tim will tell you, TFC and their interests are a very very small part of this so it is what it is. Let's hope for some unforeseen leaps and bounds in removable paint technology and cross our fingers that Hybrid grass can stand up to two full seasons of football at a time.