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Tottenham tickets available tomorrow. Also, they won the European Cup? What?

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Tottenham tickets are on sale to the general public soon. Also, did you know 'The Spurs' once won the European Cup? you do now!

Poor Tim Sherwood, can't even get the 'who's got two thumbs and....' move right.
Poor Tim Sherwood, can't even get the 'who's got two thumbs and....' move right.
Ian Walton

Well, I've just about got my massive eye rolling under control, so figured I'd drop this information here just in case. If you're not a season ticket holder, and didn't get a SSH to buy tickets for you, and are interested in going to the Tottenham friendly, they go on sale to the general public on Friday, but you can get them on Thursday by registering here first.

That's all I'm going to do here, as even if you're excited about this friendly, the release on the website is pretty nauseating and grovelly, detailing all the ways TFC are now Spurs' bitch as part of the Jermain Defoe deal. I wouldn't have put this up at all if it wasn't for the following fun facts, something I'll charitably chalk up to a sloppy mistake rather than any deliberate attempt to make Spurs sound sexier for marketing purposes.  Spot the error. It's still there in all it's unedited glory.

Founded in 1882, the Spurs are one of the world's most recognized clubs in the Premier League and in European competition. The Spurs have won two English First Division titles, eight FA Cup titles, seven FA Community Shields, four League Cups, one European Cup/UEFA Champions League, and two UEFA Cup/Europa League titles.

Yep, that's right, Tottenham's European Cup Winners Cup success has been upgraded to a European Cup/Champions League!  In your face Arsenal, when have you ever won the European Cup?