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Vancouver Whitecaps vs Toronto FC: Game Thread.

Follow along here as TFC try and hold on to their lead from the first leg and advance to the final.

One of these days Ol' Gil, one of these days.
One of these days Ol' Gil, one of these days.
Martin Bazyl

Vancouver Whitecaps vs Toronto FC, Voyageurs Cup 2nd leg
BC Place, 10:30 Eastern
Sportsnet (Ontario, Pacific, One and World!)

Before we get to the TFC game, there's also Montreal vs Edmonton tonight, 7:30 Eastern on Sportsnet One, in front of what I can only assume will be tiny audiences both live and on tv given the Habs Bruins game 7 going on at the same time. Montreal are a mess right now so there's definitely a chance that Edmonton, already 2-1 up after the first leg can pull off the upset and move on to the final. Which would be a lot of fun. So I'll put this out a bit early and we can all follow along with that one as well.

After that, the main event sees Toronto go onto Vancouver's turf, also trying to hold on to a 2-1 lead from the first leg. As long as Carl Robinson isn't trying some mind games and lying about his intentions, then more than likely it'll be another weakened Vancouver team that a strongish TFC side should be able to handle, but of course that was the case last week and it didn't really work out did it? Maybe this is the time Gilberto can figure out how to score and a glorious night will be had by all. We can but hope.

Anyway, not much time here, so for fuller previews, click on the storystream thing off to the right for all your pre game needs.

We'll be here at some point during the Montreal Edmonton game but definitely in time for the TFC game for all the usual commentary and nonsense, and hopefully a huge amount of gleeful schadenfreude. Join us.

Come on you Reds (and Eds)