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Jordan Hamilton's 1st pro goal. Quillan Roberts 1st pro red card.

The TFC loanee scored his 1st pro goal this past weekend for Wilmington, followed shortly by Quillan Roberts getting a red card. Fun. See the highlights below.

The most recent TFC Academy graduate Jordan Hamilton scored his first professional goal this past weekend while on loan with Wilmington Hammerheads FC.

In the 65th minute Hamilton chases after a long ball and then out muscles the defender for the ball.  Hamilton regains his balance just as he enters the 18 where he is met by the Charleston goalkeeper, Odisnel Cooper.  Hamilton looks up and "hammers" home the eventual game winner.

See the goal for yourself below, courtesy of USL Pro's youtube channel, at about the 2:15 mark.

If you prefer, you can watch the whole match here. The Quillan Roberts red card 'incident' starts at around the 1:39:00 mark (67 minutes into the game), when there's a very tame and frankly disappointing kerfuffle between the two teams, Roberts (in dark blue) briefly pops into the picture at 1:39:30, doesn't really do much before being led away, but eventually he gets the red anyway. Fun times for the loan sharks down in Wilmington.