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Toronto FC @ Sporting Kansas City. Game Thread

Follow all the action here as TFC take on the Sporks.

What is it with Kansas and Caldwell's shorts?
What is it with Kansas and Caldwell's shorts?

Sporting Kansas City vs Toronto FC
Sporting park, 8:30 Eastern

Ah, football on a Friday night. What could be better than teens knocking each other senseless in front of frothing at the mouth coaches and a baying crowd of thousands? But no, we're not talking high school pointyball, open wide for some soccer!

Yes it's your beloved Reds, wriggling their way into that still ill fitting bloody big deal persona, on a 3 game win streak (kind of, in a way, hasn't it been convincing?) and heading into Sporting park to take on the generally formidable Sporting Kansas City, and probably with their best chance of getting a result there since the Wizards magicked themselves into the Sporks.

Yes, whereas so far this season TFC have been playing a lot of tough teams, or mediocre teams amid hot streaks, this time they do get a bit of a break as what should be one of the toughest games of the season will instead be a game against a team with 0 fit centre backs, and thus a very makeshift defence. They've got most of their attacking talent still, except Graham Zusi, so expect to still see SKC taking the game to Toronto, but the Reds' much vaunted counter attack, Jermain Defoe in particular should be in with a good chance of getting some goals here.  Once again Defoe's opposite number will be a hot and in form English striker, Dom Dwyer this time, hopefully his form will desert him at just the wrong time as Bradley Wright Phillips' did last week.  It's plausible TFC could win, though given how badly they often start second halves, Ryan Nelsen might wnat to be channeling some Coach Taylor for his half time speech.

For a lot more pre game reading (you've devoted your entire Friday night to this, right?) click here for a storystream that will give you a full preview, a How You Doin'? with the Blue Testament, 2 parts of Know Your Enemy and the latest Vocal Minority Podcast, you lucky bastards!)

We'll have team news when it hits twitter and chat and commentary through the game (as work and/or cottage drinking commitments might allow) join us for that.

Let's here it gentlemen, clear eyes, full hearts.....