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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact: Game Thread

Follow the action here in the Voyageurs Cup final first leg.

Martin Bazyl

Voyageurs Cup Final: 1st Leg
Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact
Bmo Field, 7:30 Eastern
Sportsnet One and Sportsnet world

And then there were 2. Ottawa were banished honourably, Edmonton banished incredibly harshly and Vancouver banished amusingly ('we're not really trying, it's about getting the kids some experience' 'but wait, we might actually win this?' 'nope, we lost on penalties') and here we are with two teams left who should be more than a little embarrassed about how they got here. But whatever, history books don't show the how so therefore this is obviously the two most deserving teams in the land.

Which one will advance? We of course won't get much of an answer to that question tonight, it's really about setting up what needs to happen next week in the return leg. Do TFC really go for it here and try to put the tie beyond reach? Or will they be happy to keep it tight, avoid an away goal and take a small lead into the next game, and hope to avoid another 6-0 fiasco? There's many smaller questions that we will get answers to; Can Doneil Henry avoid catastrophe (give away a penalty and he'll join Andy Iro as doing it in 3 straight games)? Can Gilberto score? Will we see Chris Konopka in action for the first time? More importantly (though it's generally the decisive leg where it happens) it's the Voyageurs Cup, something momentous is bound top happen, what might it be this time?

Anyway for a fuller preview click here for our storystream, we'll have team news when it hits twitter and commentary throughout the game and hopefully by the end of it we'll have the first properly satisfactory home game of the season behind us.

Come on you Reds.