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Voyageurs Cup: Toronto FC 1:1 Montreal Impact: Quotes, Highlights & Summary

Justin Mapp's late equalizer ruined a good effort from Toronto FC at BMO Field, making the score 1-1 after one leg of the Voyageurs Cup final against the Montreal Impact. Doneil Henry had the goal for the home side.

Martin Bazyl

In what was their best match in the 2014 edition of the Voyageurs Cup, Toronto FC were unable to get the result they were looking for, drawing 1-1 with the Montreal Impact. The Impact now have the advantage on away goals heading back to Montreal, where the second leg of the Final will be played. The last time these two teams met in this competition, the Impact dominated Toronto in the  leg two en route to winning the tournament.

Doneil Henry had the goal for Toronto FC while Justin Mapp's late equalizer for Montreal ruined what was otherwise a good performance from the home side.

A gallery and a full breakdown of the match will be up later tonight. For now, enjoy one of the more positive moments Doneil Henry has produced this season, the full highlights, and then the game quotes.

Scoring Summary:
TFC- Henry (Lovitz) 20'

MTL- Mapp (Bernier) 73'

Misconduct Summary:
TFC- Rey (Caution) 35'

MTL- Lefevre (Caution) 83'

Score (On Aggregate):
1-1 (First Leg) - Final


Toronto FC- Bendik, Caldwell, Hagglund, Henry, Morgan, Rey (Morrow 79'), Orr, Hall (Bekker 76'), Lovitz, De Rosario, Gilberto

Unused Subs: Konopka, Bloom, Richter, Wiedeman, Defoe

Montreal Impact- Bush, Ouimette, Camara, Rivas (Lefevre 3'), Pearce, Bernadello, Bernier (Mallace 81'), Felipe (McInerney 45'), Romero, Mapp, Di Vaio

Unused Subs: Perkins, Gonzalez, Lopez,


RYAN NELSON - Coach, Toronto FC

Thoughts on the game, talking to Frank he thought they were hard done by a couple of the calls...

I thought it was a very good first half. Probably too good of a first half, they didn't have a shot, actually they probably had one at the 46th minute that dribbled by the goal. And then we kind of came out thinking that it would be too easy, that's the strongest possible team that they put out there. Did it hit Steven's hand, probably, did they guy push Alvaro Ray in the back of course he did. That's one for one. Should they have a guy sent off, yeah, he was the last man. We talk about bad calls and we've been on the back of a few of them this season so I'm not really going to feel too bad for Frank.

How did you see the goal that they scored, the closing down?

We should have shown out, in the final third we show out. We let Justin inside, which was a mistake. It was a quality finish from a quality player in my opinion. I think Justin has been one of the best players in this league arguably last year and this year. I've always liked the player, he is a lovely man and he goes about his business quietly. It was a classy, classy goal to tell you the truth. It was the only way I think that they were going to score because I didn't think they were going to break us down. But yeah sometime you have to tip your hat.

Doneil Henry had a good game coming back...

For Doneil he showed his character, he has had a couple of tough ones that everybody likes to remind him of. But it's the ability to get back on the horse and put yourself back in the arena, and that's what I love about the kid. It was a fantastic goal he scored. I thought he was very strong throughout the whole game. And that's what he needs to get back on that horse and keep on going.

Ashtone Morgan had a very lively game what did you make of his performance?

I trust my squad, as I said I did have my eye on Saturday's cup game and the trillium cup. And we win that game we win a cup and I want to win that. So I had my eye on Saturday, but I put a team out that I thought could have won that game. Ashtone Morgan was one of them that haven't had much game time but I think he did really well. Probably just in that last little part and that last little bit he was fatiguing a wee bit. I thought Daniel Lovitz was extremely lively, he is a lovely pick that we brought in and he has showed the benefits of playing in the lower league and getting games. Nick Hagglund is getting better and better. Jeremy Hall's one of his first few minutes besides one game and even Dwayne, De Ro hasn't played a lot. We gave a lot of guys a chance to prove themselves and it looked a bit like they haven't played together. Sometimes it wasn't pretty but they worked hard and were organized. Now we go to Montreal and we go to Saturday for a big game. I'm really looking forward to an away tie.

Luke Moore and Defoe what's their status?

Luke tweaked his groin but he is back for Saturday and Jermain again was a wee bit tight and he is fresh for Saturday. It's a big game Saturday it's the Trillium cup and we want to win that just as bad as the Amway cup. And if we can win this Saturday we will be really looking forward to Wednesday's game. And the squad might look a wee bit different.

BRADLEY ORR - Midfielder, Toronto FC

How do you guys feel going into the second leg?

A lot to play for in the second leg. Its only half time so you got to go into the away leg now looking to win. Thats what we got to do if we want to win the cup.

You guys came out really strong, but in the second half, Montreal certainly had you on the back foot for a little while?

It's a final; we should have been ready for it more. We knew they were going to come out and throw the kitchen sink at us and it's only half time. It's all to play for at their place in weeks' time and hopefully winning the cup.

What will be the strategy for the second leg?

We'll have to see what the coach has in mind over the next week. I think the main focus now is Saturday against Columbus trying to get everyone right and ready for that game. I think we got to go out and try and win it. It is a cup final at the end of the day and we want to be the ones lifting that cup. So we've got to give it our all and score goals and win the game. It will be a good game in a weeks' time.

FRANK KLOPAS - Coach, Montreal Impact

What were your thoughts on the game?

I want to thank all our fans for driving all this way and showing their support. It was a slow start for us which was a bit disappointing as it was a tale of two different halves. It was a slow start where we give up a set piece goal and we lose our man in the box, other than that in the first half, they really didn't create anything. I just felt their intensity was better and they were beating us to all the loose balls. The second half was a different team; we had a different mentality, we competed better.

What is your opinion on the "hand balls"?

For me to come here again and complain about the referees, it's embarrassing. There were two clear hand balls in the box, I'm not going to say give two but one was crystal clear. If you're going to have a final then at least let the players decide the game, not the referees making calls like this. To me, it's an embarrassment.

What did you make of the marking for the goal?

It was bad. It's amazing, we go over it every day and for us to fall asleep again and to play like that is not good enough. We have to wake up during moments like this and in the game you have assignments and you have to stick with them.

JUSTIN MAPP - Midfielder, Montreal Impact

How does this turnaround feel for the team? What went on during the break that had you guys so hungry in the second half?

It was a very quiet first and we just said that this is a cup final and we are not playing like it is. The soccer wasn't really pretty from either team in the first half but they were winning all the second balls and just had a bit more bite to them. We just wanted to get stuck in on tackles whether the soccer was good or bad and just up the intensity.

Take us through your goal

I collected the ball on the right side and started driving towards the top of the box, Marco (Di Vaio) made a run in behind and it kind of pulled them away so they never fully stepped out to me. I let it go at the top of the box and see what happens, and I found the goal.

Do you feel you have the upper hand by getting the away goal?

I wouldn't say the upper hand as there is still 90 minutes to go. Fluke goals can happen during the game but we are happy to get the draw and the away goal but we know come next Wednesday it is going to be a battle, but I won't say anyone is ahead right now.

PATRICE BERNIER - Midfielder, Montreal Impact

Thoughts on the game...

First half was not very good on our side as we were second best on everything and gave up a goal from a corner. Even though we weren't playing that well I don't think we gave up many clear cut chances. Second half we showed a lot of character as we started playing soccer, developing play, better confidence. Justin (Mapp) has been our best player since the start of the season and he delivers for us to get us a big away goal.

Going into the second leg, do you feel Montreal Impact have an advantage?

I'm not going to say we have the advantage but we do have the slight advantage. There is still a game to be played, the last game; it's really going to be a one-off game. Even though they are coming to our place we are going to have to play hard and we cannot play like we have an advantage. We know that we have to push and win it clearly at home.