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Toronto FC vs New England Revolution. Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC take on New England.

Elegant Doneil, elegant.
Elegant Doneil, elegant.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

BMO Field 1pm Eastern

They're ba-ack. Feels like it's been a long time since there was a home game. Feels like a very long time since a home game with the full first team, the whole bloody big deal. News is though that TFC should pretty much be at 100%, Defoe, Rey, Henry should be back, Osorio and Bradley should be fitter and hopefully back to their best. All these returnees should mean more options for Ryan Nelsen, including plan A, the 4-4-2 with Defoe and Gilberto up front. Also, there'll be palatable options off the bench, that'll be a refreshing change. If that doesn't entice you to go to the game, well, it's Pizza Pizza promo night!  Doesn't that sound exciting?

There's another bye week after this, cos hey why try and get games in before everyone goes off to the world cup right, so it'd be good to get another 3 points in the bag now, though New England are on a 3 game unbeaten streak so there's no guarantees to this one.

For a fuller preview, click on the angry Steven Caldwell photo for our storystream with 2 parts of Know Your Enemy from James, How You Doin'? with Corey Major of The Bent Musket, Kristin's preview, Smarter Than Mariner and the latest Vocal Minority Podcast (though sadly gremlins destroyed the bit where we previewed this game, but listen anyway).

Anyway, we'll have lineups when they hit twitter and chat throughout the game, join us here.

Come on you Reds!