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Fantasy Free-kick: Round 9

Same old, same old at the top of the table. Oh and Duncan is still making the rest of us at WTR look silly. Congrats to this weeks winner. If you haven't heard, this week is a BIG double game week.

Michel should be back for FC Dallas and without Diaz he will be the dead ball specialist for the team.
Michel should be back for FC Dallas and without Diaz he will be the dead ball specialist for the team.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, I'll start with a warning, there's games this Wednesday so get your trades in quickly if you have to.

Well someone likes being on top, Canadian Bacons have done it again. For a third week in a row there is no change at the top. Wait that was last week’s opening. If you feel like you are reading something out of Groundhog Day, try writing this thing when the same team has been sitting on top for what is now four weeks in a row. Canadian Bacons still has the lead in the WTR Fantasy league, though with a narrower lead after a relatively poor week and this week he is holding off a pair of Duncan’s. KicksandGiggles, managed by Duncan Jamieson and Leiweketywicketywack lead by WTR’s Duncan Fletcher (I guess that is why he’s in charge) are in second and third respectively, with Yitzaac's Tim Is The New Black slipping down to 5th.

This week’s weekly winner is Simon Hitchens’ Hopeless Wanderers who posted 72 points. The Wanderers played their attacking trident of captain Erick Torres, Will Bruin and Joao Plata to the tune of 39 points. The back end of the squad also featured Zac MacMath, Drew Moor and Corey Ashe all scoring at least five points. Congrats Simon and thanks for giving me something new to write.


With a big double game week it really isn’t a surprise to see 13 of the top 14 players being transferred in all having two games in the next round of action. If you weren’t aware Houston, Seattle, Columbus, San Jose, Dallas and Colorado all have two games in Round 10. If you don’t have many players from those teams get them in your lineup ASAP as they are seeing a huge spike in value and you may be out of luck if you wait. The hottest add continues to be Lamar Neagle who has been on fire. Obafemi Martins is the third most added player and will see his price tag hit $10m before the transfer deadline. The lone player that is not on a double week that is in the top 14 of adds is Joao Plata. Back after injury he picked up right where he left off. At $7.2m the price is right and he will likely see a jump in value in the next round, where there are unlimited transfers.


This section is really turning into the "who got hurt this past weekend" section. Mauro Diaz of Dallas did and it may or may not be very serious as rumours of him being done for the season began circulating late last week. FC Dallas have done their best to put out the fire that began on Twitter however fantasy players aren’t buying it. Diaz has already seen his price drop from $8.5m to $8.3m and with almost 1,500 drops this week his value will continue to plummet. After a hot start the moment everyone was calling eventually came and Mauro Rosales got hurt. The ride was nice while it lasted but fantasy owners aren’t willing to stick with Rosales, especially with a double game week and Lamar Neagle in the same price range. Lloyd Sam is the lone healthy player to be on the list of top drops. This is likely due to all the adds when New York had the double week a few weeks ago and now owners are moving on to other double game week players and not due to Sam’s play.


TFC is on a bye this week so don’t play any Reds. In fact use this week as the perfect opportunity to move away from the Reds that you were afraid to drop just in case they turned it around. Get as many double week players in your lineup as possible.

Below as always are the top 10 in the WTR League this week (actually now edited with the top ten after the midweek games given all the points that were added), and here's more fantasy advice from MLS, in video form.

# Team Manager RD TOT
1 Canadian Bacons Matt Train 61 614
2 KicksandGiggles Duncan Jamieson 62 601
3 cWah eXpress Charles Wah 67 590
4 Leiweketywicketywack Duncan Fletcher 57 587
5 No Ordinary FC Spencer Snell 65 576
6 Halifax Blue Brandon Copeland 55 576
7 Hopeless Wanderers Simon Hitchens 77 569
8 Labadabadoo Dave Hall 58 567
9 Tim Is the New Black Yitzaac 42 564
10 Hard Lines Greg Scott 55 563