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Toronto FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Game Thread

Follow all the action here as TFC's Voyageurs Cup campaign gets underway.

Great moments in TFC vs Vancouver history.
Great moments in TFC vs Vancouver history.
BMO Field, 7:30 Eastern
Sportsnet One

Once again, it's Voyageurs Cup time with all that involves. Only one anthem beforehand, maybe some mounties, probably (sadly) a smaller crowd, but more than likely a more engaged and passionate one. As only seems appropriate for Toronto vs Vancouver in the cup, there's a good chance there'll be rain, and rather annoyingly there'll probably be more of the gnats/midges/whatever to deal with.

The other constant in these games seems to be the guessing game over just how good of a team the clubs will be putting out. Carl Robinson looks like he's putting out very much a B team with a much larger Canadian content than would normally be allowed anywhere near a Whitecaps lineup. Ryan Nelsen has been much more cagey but is suggesting there'll be quite a few of the regulars out there, a lineup that he feels should definitely be winning.  Let's hope that's the case, with no game this weekend there's no excuse for not going for it, and hopefully building a lead that will allow him to rest the big names next week and still get through.  I'd like to win this tournament, though I can certainly understand the idea of focusing on the league. But I'd definitely like to win this game, through 3 home games so far, this whole bloody big deal thing seems awfully familiar to last season, which is a bit frustrating really, a convincing win over Vancouver's B team and academy kids would do wonders for the soul.

Anyway, for more pre game rewarding you can check out our storystream by clicking on the picture of Morgan and Hurtado to your right. We'll have team news when it hits twitter and the usual (somewhat diminished cos it's a home game) commentary you'd expect throughout the game, with bonus Edmonton vs Montreal coverage afterwards. Join Us.

I'll give the last word to Dan Gargan (h/t to @tobiasvaughn for resurrecting this one on twitter today)