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Toronto FC trade Gale Agbossoumonde to Colorado for Luke Moore

A trade? How exciting. Gale Agbossoumonde seemed well down the depth chart this year so it's not a surprise to see him leave. Incoming, Colorado striker (and they picked him up earlier today from Chivas USA) Luke Moore.

Go North Luke. To Colorado, no wait, Toronto!.
Go North Luke. To Colorado, no wait, Toronto!.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC announced today that they've traded Gale Agbossoumonde to Colorado for striker Luke Moore, who they picked up earlier today from Chivas USA in exchange for Martin Chavez. Wheeeeee.

It brings to an end another unfulfilling chapter in Gale Agbossoumonde's career. Picked up via a lottery back in 2012, he never really made his way into the first team. He got a few games at the start of the 2013 season after Danny Califf's fall from grace but before Doneil Henry and Steven Caldwell came together to lock up the first choice centre back spots. In the few games he did play (13), he looked ok, he was very rarely terrible, and rarely great, it was easy to see why a once promising career has just never ever got going for him at a variety of clubs, Makes me think that Colorado are talking about someone completely different when they say "He has a great deal of experience for a player of his age, both on the club and national level". Ummm, no, not really he doesn't. Anyway, best of luck to Boss, I hope he catches on somewhere else, he certainly wouldn't be the first player for who Toronto wasn't the right place or time.

As for Luke Moore, well I'll freely admit to not knowing much about him, and Tim Bezbatchenko certainly doesn't sound delirious about it does he? "With our current depth in defence we felt that the opportunity to acquire an attacking player like Luke Moore was the right decision to make at this time for the club as we approach the World Cup break...With Luke's experience, he will be a welcomed addition to our squad and provide more options for us upfront." I'd call that a Lukewarm endorsement.  Huh? Huh? He certainly brings a certain something to the table pun wise does Moore.

A quick look at his record shows he's a former England under 21 player who's had a mediocre and unprolific career generally around the fringes of the EPL, mainly with Aston Villa and Swansea over the years. He came to MLS at the start of this season with Chivas USA and couldn't really get into their first team, getting just over 180 minutes in 6 games, 2 of them starts. That's Chivas USA folks, doesn't really bode well does it. His salary is listed at $128,333.33 by the players union, a step up from Agbossoumonde's $55k.

Obviously this is a move to shore up the depth at striker, which we all saw obviously needed to happen when Jermain Defoe was out injured as Dwayne de Rosario doesn't look like being the option many hoped he would, and Andrew Wiedeman, well he's Wiedeman so, you know. If Defoe gets called up to England's World Cup squad or even the pre cup camp, there'll be a few chances for Moore to play and show he can do a job, hopefully he and Gilberto will combine well.  As Bezbatchenko noted, with Nick Hagglund and Bradley Orr looking ok in their appearances so far, the defensive depth looks better than the forward depth, so though this is by no means a blockbuster, it does bring better balance to the squad, which is obviously a good thing.