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Fantasy Free-Kick Round 14

In the last round before the World Cup break in the league schedule prices are rising fast in MLS Fantasy. What does TFC's acquisition of Dominic Oduro last week mean for fantasy? This week's top team and the updated top ten WTR League standings.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

If the Waking the Red fantasy league fight for the top spot was a boxing match the last month would’ve been scored with alternating 9- 8’s between Canadian Bacons and Leiweketywicketywack’s. This week however was a 10-5 in favour of Canadian Bacons. A solid 69 points kept Canadian Bacons on track but a poor showing by too many Leiweketywicketywack’s led to a lowly 38 points and a drop to 3rd in the table.

This week’s top scorer is David M, manager of Preki’s Smile with 94 points. With five players notching double digits for Preki’s Smile the points added up quickly. A huge bounce back game against high flying DC gave Steve Clark the honour of being top scorer this week and Preki had him between the sticks. Captain Javier Morales had 16 points and ‘Arry Shipp up top netted 13 for Preki. Drew Moor and Nick Hagglund anchored Preki’s back line to a total combined score of 22 points.


There are only 2 games on the schedule this week and both happen tomorrow. Montreal and DC kick off at 7:30 EST followed by Portland and Dallas at 10:30 EST. This means that the transfer window will close tomorrow around 7:00pm EST. Due to the lack of games in the schedule MLS has been kind enough to give everyone unlimited transfers. Be sure to fill out your entire squad with players from the four squads mentioned above. There are also unlimited transfers for round 16 as well so you can reset your team one last time, unless you still have your wildcard in which case there are two opportunities left.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to four players from one team that you are able to roster. Choose carefully between the four teams playing tomorrow night. The top four transfers in this week are Fabian Castillo (FCD), Fabian Espindola (DC), Adi (PTFC) and Diego Valeri (PTFC). All have been added by over 2,000 players.

In addition to that if you moved quickly on your transfers this round your bank account may have seen a bump. A total of 17 players have received the maximum price increase for a round ($0.3m) already. An additional 13 have seen their price rise $0.2m. Hopefully you have been rewarded with a nice bump if you were one of the early birds.


One of the players with a $0.2m price rise this round was Nick Hagglund. It isn’t an easy task to keep track of game day lineups and with Hagglund not guaranteed minutes every week you may miss out on big points if you aren’t quick on the draw. However at just $4.8m Hagglund could easily fit into any budget.

Other Reds to keep in mind over the break are Joe Bendik, Kyle Bekker and Doneil Henry. Bendik continues to be a bargain at just $4.6m. For a starting keeper that is a price no one should be passing on. Bekker is not a bad option to have on the bench. If the USA advances out of the group stage Bekker will see the field. Doneil Henry has a friendly price at $6.4m for an every week starter. Henry will be in the starting lineup, whether he gives up a penalty is a different story.

TFC acquired Dominick Oduro last week from the Columbus Crew. Oduro’s speed will be a huge asset to the counter attacking game that TFC have been playing. You will see an increase in point production from what he was putting up in Columbus this year due to the change in style of play. At $8.7m the wise decision is to wait for the goal production to get back on track for Oduro.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League this week: