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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day -2. Open Thread.

WTR's world cup 'coverage' creaks into gear and just in time.

That's a terrible tactic for the US to be experimenting with.
That's a terrible tactic for the US to be experimenting with.
Kevin C. Cox

So then, no TFC games for a few weeks. A blessed relief, or cause for twitchiness? Both? We here at WTR will still be covering whatever TFC stuff might stick it's head up over the hubbub of the next few weeks of course, but that's probably not going to be much, so instead, let's clamber aboard the elephant in the room. Yes it's World Cup time!

You'll have noticed there hasn't really been any kind of preview material here at WTR beyond the odd Cesar, Defoe and Bradley related article, and there won't be any, because a) Previews are everywhere, you've already read as much as you can possibly take I'm sure and b) it'd take forever and quite frankly there's no time to research all those countries I have very little knowledge of.  Fear not though, there will be a world cup preview among this week's Vocal Minority episode, it's gonna be thorough, detailed and analytically impeccable, oh yes. In the meantime, if you haven't read it already, I'll be a good corporate soldier and point you towards SB Nation's ridiculously depthy informative and entertaining preview.

One thing WTR has done is to have it's own league set up for the bracket challenge thing you can find on  Click on the link, fill out your bracket, then got to the leagues bit and search for waking the red to join up. The password is password, though i don't remember if that's with a capital P or not.  It's a one time thing, so just pick beforehand then revel in your awesomeness/sit back in horror as it all goes wrong.

Anyway, this is going to be the main way we cover the World Cup here, a brief post each morning with the odd link thrown in here and there, and then chat and commentary and all that in the comments section. We'll see how it works.

Talk about whatever you like really, but for today, 2 simple questions to get us started: Who are you cheering for, and who do you think will win?