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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day -1. Open Thread

Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet?

pfft. Bendik could do that, no problem.
pfft. Bendik could do that, no problem.
Buda Mendes

Twas the day before World Cup and all through the house,
Bloggers were too lazy to come up with a full night before christmas thing.

What's new since yesterday? Well various players may or may not be injured, but there's way too much smoke and mirrors and mind game stuff to take any of that seriously. Suarez is doing triple shifts to get fit, whatever that means. Ronaldo was back for 66 minutes as Portugal stuffed Ireland last night, and Ghana hammered South Korea 4-0, so good news USA!

Beyond that, Journalists are taking to twitter to show us what a wacky country Brazil is and just how much of a trial this month is going to be for them, previews are being piled upon previews and everyone's really just waiting for the whole thing to get going tomorrow, me included.

I'll give one last shout for SB Nation's ridiculously depthy informative and entertaining preview and why not join WTR's league in the bracket challenge thing you can find on  Click on the link, fill out your bracket, then got to the leagues bit and search for waking the red to join up. The password is password.

Tomorrow will of course be TFC's big debut at the World Cup, with Julio Cesar probably in goal for Brazil. You've probably already seen this but if not here's Julio's emotional farewell from TFC, which I link mainly for it's bizarreness. He's a well travelled man, with plenty of clubs behind him, he was here for what? 4 months? I find it hard to believe he really is that emotional. If he is, if it's all genuine and that's just how emotional he is, i'm scared to see Brazil win as he might just dissolve into one giant puddle.  Also, is he naked with a comedy wheel of fortune type thing over his crotch? (spoiler alert, thankfully no.)

In other 'you've probably already seen this' news, here's John Oliver to tell us about the sausage principle, and why we should all feel really really dirty about this whole month.

Anyway, as always feel free to talk about whatever in the comments section, but here's a discussion point for starters. Which injured player is going to be most missed, by the tournament as a whole and by their respective team?