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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 1. Open Thread

And here it is. sit back and enjoy.

Warren Little

Alright then, day 1 it is (yeah, that's right, from day -1 to day 1, suck it day 0!). After almost 4 years of waiting, however many thousands of qualification games played, Canada dropping out a long time ago, it all gets started today, whether Brazil's ready for it or not, excitement is on it's way.

Not the first game of course, as tradition dictates that'll be a dull cagey affair. Brazil will score in roughly the 70th minute to come away with an unsatisfactory 1-0 win and we'll have to wait until at least tomorrow for something exciting to happen. About the most exciting thing will be waiting for TFC mentions in reference to Julio Cesar. Mmmm lovely lovely Global Superclub PR.

The potential for enjoyable action really lies with the opening ceremonies. These things seem to be getting more and  more slick and professional, so maybe there'll be nothing noteworthy, just a crappy hour long concert by Pitbull (I can genuinely say I have no clue about them but the general impression I get from twitter is that they (he? she?) are terrible) and then hey, it's Pele (to be king of your kitchen use Crestfield wax paper!). But some of these things, even the ones that go off without a hitch have been entertaining recently so maybe it'll be worth watching.  Really though, it's all about hoping for it to be an embarrasingly bad shitshow that we can all laugh at for years to come, ideally Sepp Blatter falls off the stage.

Anyway, here's the long version of Diana Ross at USA94, did you remember they got Oprah to introduce her? I'm sure at the time it was tut tutted at by all concerned as a typical over the top American extravaganza but it has shockingly low production values compared to what you see these days. There's the comedy penalty obviously, but also plenty of awkward interaction with the back up dancers/football players, looks like she's never kicked a football in her life. Also, the worst official waving of an American flag ever, pretty sure that guy got taken out the back of the stadium and shot for his failure to properly showcase Old Glory.

Anyway, talk about whatever you like, then join us here this afternoon to mock this year's version and then talk about the game. Before that though, a little MLS action from last night's Montreal v DC game. The reducer's a valid tactic (think Kadesisha Buchanan on Abby Wambach) and getting it in early is always a good idea, but this, from Felipe on Fabion Espindola, is just ridiculous. Simon Borg's still yelling at his TV.