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World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 6 Open Thread

The first round of matches ends today, and the second gets underway with Brazil vs Mexico.

What, no shirts off flexing today Ronaldo?
What, no shirts off flexing today Ronaldo?
Martin Rose

Group of death? Maybe, maybe not, but yesterday it provided two more games that in their own ways just added to the awesomeness that has been this world cup so far. First up, well if you don't like Portugal, that was the greatest 45 minutes ever. 3 goals, a stupendously dumb red card to Pepe, of course Pepe, and a gloriously sulky and pouty Ronaldo, it was lovely. The second half was an exercise in killing a game off and conserving energy for the Germans, the 4th goal was a satisfying cherry on top.

Group G took a break and it was backwards to group F, and the first draw, scoreless at that, of the World Cup. I missed most of the Iran vs Nigeria game and watching the highlights convinced me I didn't really miss out.

Back to group G in the evening and a weird weird game. Clint Dempsey scored within 30 seconds, Jozy Altidore and Matt Besler both had to be subbed off with injuries, Clint Dempsey got a kick to the face and a broken nose, but he kept going. As for Michael Bradley, he didn't have a particularly good game, (more on that here) there were a few nice touches, some good passes, but all in all it was very much like what TFC fans have seen after he came back from injury as opposed to the awesome player we saw in the first few games of the season. That definitely played a part in Ghana dominating the game, especially in midfield though once it go to the part where they had to shoot or cross the ball it generally went wrong.

Eventually they got it right in the 81st minute, a beautiful backheel setting up Andre Ayew in the 82nd minute. At that point it seemed like there'd only be one winner, but it actually turned out to be the US, as John Brooks headed home a corner from Graham Zusi, who according to the commentator on CBC is a centre back who plays right back for Stoke.

The US held on comfortably enough after that to get the 3 points that they really didn't deserve, which puts them in a great position to qualify, though they'll have to play better to get anything from Germany or even Portugal.

Today, it's group H, then back to group A. We start at 12 with one of the most intriguing teams in Belgium, the sexy dark horse pick of a loooooot of people, taking on the presumed group whipping boys Algeria.

At 3 o clock we move on to the second round of matches with Brazil vs Mexico. 'Toronto FC's Julio Cesar' once again in action. Both team won their first games, so a win here would more or less confirm qualification for the next round. Though they weren't entirely convincing against Croatia, you've got to fancy Brazil to see off the Mexicans, though if refereeing karma is a thing then Mexico should expect a lot of help there.

At 6 o c clock, it's back to the first round and back to group H, with Russia vs South Korea, which doesn't really inspire me to say an awful lot, definitely two more teams that I've got a lot to learn about.